How  To  CALM Your


In today's  world it's of paramount importance to calm your mind

As of now, our minds are running in a 112 different directions at  the same time, creating a total ruckus. 

The more you talk to yourself, the more ripples you generate in your mind, making it unpeaceful.

Minimizing this mental chatter to only when it's necessary is the way to make your mind calm. 

We think we will feel calm whenever we achieve what we so dearly desire.

But the problem is that the mere solution to one thing becomes the very basis of the other desire.

When it comes to the inner world, sometimes not doing anything is the solution

Being in a state where you are simply observing the surroundings around yourself, without doing anything else is the way to go.

Making your mind calm is a lot like trying to sleep. The more you try to sleep, the harder it will be for you to sleep.

You just simply have to understand that you are not the clouds that come and go, you are actually the SKY.

You need to come to terms with who you really are at the deepest level to calm your mind once and for all.

You are actually the consciousness that is observing everything happening to it.

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