How  To  Live A


Does Success make you really happy? Is name, fame, money; the real source of happiness?

In reality, Success is not Happiness. Living a Happy Life is Real Success.

Happiness is no longer a want  but a need. And everyone is just trying to be  happy in  different ways.

Stop Looking for Happiness at the level of your thoughts. That's what we all are doing wrong.

We have compacted our thinking to "I, me, and myself" and live in a bubble in this gigantic ocean of water, making us suffer.

You gotta start thinking outside just for yourself,  if you ever wanna be truly happy.

Real Happiness is when you are  free from thoughts itself. That's why we all love our sleep, because there are no thoughts.

A thought is only required to work in the outside world to become successful. It's nowhere related to being Happy.

The moment you realize you don't need a thought to be happy, that's when something magical starts to happen.

Now, you can actually control your thoughts instead of your thoughts controlling you.

Thoughtless  mind is the key  to Happiness.

Causeless Happiness is the need of the Hour

When we see something without a thought, only then there can be True Love.

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