7 Tips to  Find  Your Life


1. Time Manage-ment

Instead of spending your time pondering about what purpose you have, think about how you can spend your time better.

2. What can you tolerate?

Instead of daydreaming about your purpose, identify what kind of hardships and challenges can you tolerate.

For example, don't think about whether being a great entrepreneur is your purpose or not,  Think about whether you can handle back to back failures in a row or not. Because that's a more viable metric to determine if you can be a good  entrepreneur.

3. Child-Hood Passion

Ask yourself, what is that one thing that you used to love doing when you were a child, but stopped doing it when you grew up.

4. It's all a GAME

What is it that you do, or can do, just for the sheer fun of it, and not caring whether you are being paid or not, and that's providing value to someone?

This is really important. If you find that thing and are in love with it just while doing it, and not caring about the end result, then that's your purpose right there. You are gonna be doing it because you love it. Just like you playing your favorite game.

5. Forget about Time

What's that one thing that makes you forget about the flow of time? Do more of that, obviously.

6. Follow your Efforts

If you are not able to find your 'purpose', just follow your efforts. Where can you put in more work with more passion?

7. And then you Die

What would you like to be remembered as when you Die? Death is what gives perspective and meaning to our lives. It will help you discover your purpose.

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