How  to Get  Rid of Negative


Let's Discuss some kickass ways to counter Negative Thoughts

1. It's not Really Negative

Negative and Positive are just labels that we impose. In reality, thoughts are neither of them. They are just thoughts.

2. Write  it Down

Simply writing down your thoughts will help you become more aware of what's going on, helping you gain back some control.

3. Observe the Nature

Our bodies are literally made up Nature, so it's crucial we spend some time out. It's has also been proven that being in nature reduces stress.

4. Use Affirm- ations

Speaking Positive affirmations after waking up and before sleeping redo our fried mental patterns that were getting the better of us.

5. Medi- tation

Meditation is an outstanding way of seeing and understanding your thoughts better. Start small, even 5 min a day is great.

6. Smile More

Remember, you don't smile because you are happy, you become happy because you Smile. So, smile the shit out of those thoughts.

7. Don't Fight It

Instead of running away from it or suppressing it, say this to yourself, "Let's see what is the worst that could happen."

8. Focus on your BREATH

Your breath has a major impact on your physiology. Take deep breaths and watch how your body calm down. 

9. Don't Sit Idle

An empty mind is a devil's workshop. Make sure you are keeping yourself engaged in something or the other.

10. It's gonna be OK

As long as you are breathing, it's gonna be OK. Seriously, don't make a fuss out of it, instead grow from it.

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