Increase your Positive


There is nobody on the planet who loves to be negative or sad all the time

Everybody loves to be loved.  Everybody loves to be appreciated

So, let's discuss how can one increase his POSITIVE ENERGY

1. Focus  on the POSITIVE

Whatever your mind focuses on, expands. So you might as well focus on the positive.


Meditation is a really powerful tool to help you become aware of the present and feel positive. 

3. Take  Care of  Your Body

Workout, play a sport, walk a lot, yoga, whatever. Keep your body moving. It helps release endorphins.

4. Treat  Others Well

The golden rule goes like, "Treat others the way you want to be treated." Don't overlook it.

5. Use  Positive  Words

Words cast a spell, so don't say or even think about anything that isn't contributing in your growth.

6. Smile MORE

You don't smile because you are Happy, you become happy because you SMILE. Smile more.

7. Practise Gratitude

If you are not happy with what you have today, you will never be happy even after getting what you want.

8. Praise Others

Life's short. So don't hold back your compliments. Praise others when due, and spread positivity around.

9. Give  more than you Take 

If you can keep the people around you positive, you will automatically become positive. 

10. Enjoy Nature 

We are all made up of nature. So, it only makes sense to spend some time with our mother earth too.

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