This is  How You Can Live in the  Present


Trying to Live in the Present, is like holding sand in a fist. The harder you hold, the faster you will lose it.

The thing to understand is that, Present is something that can't be held onto. Whatever you hold onto is actually the Past.

So, let's see how can you learn to be completely alive in the present moment.

1. Don't Dwell on Memories

If you are constantly reminiscing about the good old days, chances are that your present has become dull.

2. Always Improve

Focus on how you can make your Present better than your past. Naturally, you will start enjoying the moment.

3. Stop Worrying

Nobody knows what the Future holds. Whatever you think is gonna happen is simply speculation. So, don't stress yourself too much.

4. Smile More

Every moment is a blessing as you never know which is your last one. So, it's better to feel grateful about it and show it with a smile.

5. Stop Boasting

If you can't stop gushing about what you did 5 yrs ago, then you are not doing anything much in the present. Change that!

6. Time Travel

Look at the past to learn from it, look at the future to imagine something great, but always focus on what you can DO in the PRESENT.

7. Forgive

You have to forgive, not for other's sake, but for your own sake. You don't wanna live your life reimagining that one moment again and again.

8. Focus on your Breath

Your breath is perhaps the most real thing, interlacing your body and mind. Focus on it to realize the Present.

9. Flow like a River

Whatever happens in life, see it through and move on. Don't get stuck. Keep flowing like a river.

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