We are all of the opinion that there are multiple Gods for different religions.

But that's doesn't really make sense. Every holy scripture points toward just 1 supreme reality.

God is actually something who's the very raw material of every creation in the Universe.

That basically means that He's not afar from you, he's in you.  In fact, he's You! 

How far is a Wave from Water?  How far is a droplet from Water?

Got the point? Waves and droplets are Water itself. We just call the same thing by different names.

God is actually the center point of your creation, the heart of your heart.  The Ultimate Source

If you take God out of anything, it will cease to exist. Waves can't exist without water.

Knowing the truth about God makes us calm and composed. Now, we can actually love the God.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual being having a human experience.

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