How  to  Take  the  Right


Here we are gonna look at how you can improve your actions in Life

1. Question Yourself

Before any major action, ask yourself, "What's the Basis of my decision?' 

2. Know- ledge and  Understand-ing 

For you to be able to take any right decisions, your action should always be based on those two things.

3. Nothing is Perfect

If you are gonna wait for situations and circumstances to become perfect to take any action, you will keep on waiting forever.

4. Paralysis of Analysis

Stop overthinking about every damn decision you make. Just take the decision and act on the feedback you get.

5. Kill FEAR

Refraining from taking actions breed fear as you give up your control. Taking action is perhaps the best way to kill Fear.

6. Keep Learning

To take better  action, you gotta constantly keep on learning from anything and everything. No shortcuts there.

7. Focus on the Present

Don't let your past hold you hostage in the present. Your past is dead, non existent. Focus on  the now, to take better actions.

8. The Present is Chaning

An action you thought was right in the past, may be totally wrong now. Change is the only constant, so keep evolving.

9. Make  the Action Right

Instead of wasting your time pondering on if you took the right action or not, take the action, and do everything to make it RIGHT.

10. Action Beats the Odds

Stop hoping to get lucky or blindly relying on Destiny or Fate. Instead, tilt the odds in your favor by taking massive actions.

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