Self  Under-standing is the  Key to


Ever felt that the effect of any external motivational stimuli doesn't last very long?

Don't worry. You are not alone.  Most people can only stay motivated for so long.

And the sole reason for this, is that they never try to understand  the crux of the issue.

You don't have to just stuff things up in your pretty little minds. Instead, try to analyze the thought process behind it.

You definitely don't have to boost your ego by sharing the unsolicited advice to the entire world.

Right 'Self Understanding' demands you to be patient with your problems to conjure up more effective solutions.

The more effortless, stress free, tension free your life gets, the better is your 'self understanding'.  

If you can actually fathom your true self, then the satisfaction that comes from there is immeasurable.

When your understanding about who you are becomes absolutely clear, then nothing is left for you to do to harness happiness.

You are not your Body.  Your body is just an instrument to express yourself with.

Wanna know more about who you really are?  Simply  SWIPE UP