My Favorite Products


Here is a list of all the products I use myself that make my job easier and hassle-free over the internet. 





So, thinking about starting a blog for yourself? Well, don’t. Do something else. And if you are stupid enough to start one, then let Bluehost be of some service to you. They have been nothing but excellent in terms of everything. The speed, the services, the feedback loop, everything. This one’s a winner.



Here’s the world-renowned Grammarly’s Grammar Check feature: a comprehensive, automated grammar editing tool that checks for 250+ types of common and advanced English grammar rules. Widely used by students of all levels, business professionals, writers/editors, teachers/educators, job seekers, and English language learners.


I have been where you are, probably just over a million times. So, I know how it feels to write incorrect grammar and lose a bet to your 6yr old daughter over some weird spellings. Click Here to stop embarrassing yourself over all the petty grammatical mistakes you have made over the course of the years. 





Looking for ways to perfect your not-so-perfect Email Marketing Campaign? Aweber is the one-stop solution for all your queries to grow your online business through the most impactful marketing aka Email marketing. This will surely make your life a lot better.






Affiliate Disclosure has been an Affiliate member of a number of Affiliate programs. The links you see on this page are affiliate links. So, every time someone makes a sale through these links I will get a small commission, at no additional cost to you. Consider it your way of saying thank you to me.