My Favorite Products


Here is a list of all the products I use myself that make my job easier and hassle-free over the internet and in life. 



1. 90 Day Self Improvement Challenge

Live Intentionally is a 90 Day Self-Improvement Project that will re-calibrate your entire existence – it will change your habits, daily routine, mindset, and make you strong and disciplined.

Over 90 days, the project will make you what god intended you to be – A MAN, not a chubby junkie snorting lines of porn and McDonald’s fast food.


In 90 Days, you will:

– Get rid of those pesky bad habits slowing you down

– Lose extra fat and gain some new muscle

– Say goodbye to your porn and social media addictions

– Assign yourself a personal mission/goal and work on it

– Build your discipline, self-control, and emotional control

– Fix your mindset and get rid of self-defeating thought patterns

– Build your focus, attention span, and mental toughness (and finally be able to focus for more than 2 minutes at a time)

“This is one of those books where if you need it but you haven’t bought it, you are *already* paying for it”


Click Here to read reviews of people who already took the action and are seeing amazing results already. So, what are you waiting for? GET Started Today!



2. The ‘Don’t Get Rich Quick Scheme

Do you want to start an online business that makes you thousands of dollars as you sleep? Then the course ‘The Art of Twitter’ is for you.

What is The Art of Twitter?

The Art of Twitter is a business guide that will teach you how to grow a Twitter account from scratch (from 0 to 10000+ followers) and MONETIZE it to make $100+ every single day. 100s of people have used this guide to make their first dollar online, and it will work for you too. (Read Reviews Here)


Who this guide is for

Anybody that has experience or knowledge of general interest that they can share on Twitter.

This could be any topic from mindset, nutrition, diet, health, fitness, productivity, supplements, personal finance, cryptocurrencies, investing, e-commerce, coding, dating, trading, history and culture, relationships, seduction, politics, social skills, etc.

✅ Anybody who’s willing to learn about any topic that is useful to people (like the ones listed above) and share what they’re learning.

✅ People who are willing to commit at least 6 months to 1 year to their Twitter business.


Who this guide is not for

People who want to create a business around extremely technical knowledge (for example, if your knowledge is limited to industrial equipment repair, this is not the guide for you)

❌ People who are looking for a way to get rich quick or something to magically make them money with no effort

❌ People with terrible English skills


So, if you fit in the category, take the course and get started TODAY!



People like Elon Musk, Naval Ravikant, Charlie Munger, and Aristotle extensively used mental models to elevate their understanding of things and make better decisions in life.

This course will help you develop critical thinking—to simplify the complex notions—which is paramount in today’s world to make better decisions in life.

Get started here if you wanna live a happy and successful and peaceful life.

think better




So, thinking about starting a blog for yourself? Well, don’t. Do something else. And if you are stupid enough to start one, then let Bluehost be of some service to you. They have been nothing but excellent in terms of everything. The speed, the services, the feedback loop, everything. This one’s a winner.




Here’s the world-renowned Grammarly’s Grammar Check feature: a comprehensive, automated grammar editing tool that checks for 250+ types of common and advanced English grammar rules. Widely used by students of all levels, business professionals, writers/editors, teachers/educators, job seekers, and English language learners.


I have been where you are, probably just over a million times. So, I know how it feels to write incorrect grammar and lose a bet to your 6yr old daughter over some weird spellings. Click Here to stop embarrassing yourself over all the petty grammatical mistakes you have made over the course of the years. 





Looking for ways to perfect your not-so-perfect Email Marketing Campaign? Aweber is the one-stop solution for all your queries to grow your online business through the most impactful marketing aka Email marketing. This will surely make your life a lot better.






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