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Here, I am gonna assist you to gather your scattered thoughts and lead them in a direction that will be perhaps more comfortable and favorable to you in order for you to live a slightly better life than you are right now.

I am not gonna insult you or sound presumptuous by handing you out a ‘cheat sheet’ or the ‘quick fix’ to a problem, but instead, I am gonna dive deeper than the deepest point of Marina Trench to find out the underlying issue and uproot it once and for all. SO, to get started, simply click here and thank your lucky stars you founded this website.

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The Don’t get rich quick scheme


The Fight Within Yourself


If this is not a dream then what is it?

I see myself in myself,

But still, sometimes I can’t see myself in myself.

If this is not a joke then what is it?

Even while dreaming, I dream of a dream world,

And live in a dream of hoping to see all those dreams come true.

If this is not a dream wave then what is it?

By making myself from myself,

By erasing myself from myself,

I find myself!

IF this is not a fight with your own self then what is it?

I want to wake up,

But I am afraid that I will lose everything of my own.

Now, what should I do?

There’s no doubt about it that,

Even after losing myself, I will find MYSELF!


What is Spirituality?


Let me start by telling you what it isn’t.

It’s not the monks you have to become with 30-40 years of so-called experience. Not the gurus you need to be sitting all day under a tree meditating, secluded from society. It’s not even the priests related to one of the religions. So now what exactly is this heavy, convoluted, and sophisticated word


 S P I R I T U A L I T Y?


How will you explain it to a 5-year-old?

One is what you see, one is the seer. So, who’s the one that is closer to you?

The seer.

Now knowing this seer is called, wait for it, yeah you guessed it, spirituality. Yeah, I am not kidding, it’s really that easy. What could possibly be more interesting than this? (Don’t tell me, bitcoin!) To know the very basis of experience, the source of all the creation.

If we touch ourselves self then who is it that’s knowing the essence of this touch. One is the dead matter like the water bottle you drink from. We are Real. We are the SEER. The one who touches, the one who drinks water from the bottle.

Now if you are reading it, then there’s someone who’s reading it, isn’t it? IS it not a miracle? (You’d probably be thinking what in the world am I talking about! ya ya I am the one reading it! big deal?)

Or are monks and priests the miracle? Huh? People love to see magic. So is there a bigger miracle than this in the world?

Everything you see keeps on changing, at the moment you are (hopefully) reading this article of a rather weird madman’s quest to find the deeper meaning of life, next you may see a movie on Netflix, then you may look at your dog and all these experience of seeing things will either make you happy or sad or any one of the uncountable(actually countable, but you got the point right) emotions.

You may be excited to see your mom, and then if you see your ex right across the street who dumped you, maybe not that excited.

So, we are tangled in all these unsubstantial things only.

But the moment your attention goes to the question that WHO is it that’s seeing things? WHO is it that becomes happy and sad in a fraction of a second? WHO is making this experience possible? Am I the body? Who the hell am I? Where did all this creation come from? IS there any GOD out there?

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If such questions fascinate you, then let me tell you my fellow INFINITIANS, you have come to the right place.

If hypothetically one removes all the experience from your body then what is left of it? Is it a dead matter? Is it robots who don’t have a conscience and works senselessly the way they have been programmed all their life? Neither!

This SENSE is life.


Knowing this sense Completely is