Where do I Start?

In case you are wondering that you are not sure where to start from, let me tell you the best way to use this blog.

I have created two tiny little cute tabs on the upper column by the name of ‘Spirituality‘ and ‘Life as we know it‘. So, I have basically talked about two worlds in this blog; the outer world (name, fame, money, relations) and the inner world.

As the name suggests, the spirituality tab consists of all about the inner world (meditation, the sound of silence, God), and the other tab consists all about how to excel in the day to day life.

As tempted as you might be to just see the latter tab and read about your daily life problems and get the instant solution; I highly recommend that if you really wanna bring a revolutionary change in your life, first go through the spirituality tab and read all the articles there at least 2-3 times to get a hang of what exactly I am blabbering about.

Subsequently, the whole spirituality thing is the basis of whatever I have mentioned in the other tab. So you might think you understood what I wrote but you actually won’t unless you go about it the way I just described.

But I know who I am dealing with here, so I am gonna categorize the best articles for you to choose from and get started with.