you are the one

Yes, You Are the ONE!


I am gonna tell you something about yourself that you are not gonna believe at all. Some of you will forget it the very moment you go back to your normal life, some of you are gonna think that I am full of shit and should get my head out of my ass, and only a spoonful might see what I am trying to show. Nevertheless, there’s no downside to it, I am not gonna belittle or demean you anyway so you might as well hear it. 

Although I have already mentioned it in my previous articles, here I am gonna come full throttle, and won’t stop unless this seed of an idea gets implanted into your subconscious mind so strongly that something absolutely mindboggling grows out of it.

Yes, I am talking about the fact that YOU ARE INFINITE!

You Heard Me, You are the One

You are the one that is the very source of this Universe and not merely the mortal bodies you think you are. By ‘you’, I don’t mean the physical selves that you keep referring to all your lives, but what you actually are.

All the living bodies there are, we humans and other animals, the flora and fauna, on this planet and any other planet; the material or the source that they are all made up of is the real YOU.

This material is immortal, undying, unending, eternal, perpetual, deathless, ever-lasting, indestructible, imperishable, inextinguishable, constant, permanent, timeless, ageless and 112 more synonyms you can think of.

The point to be noted here is the fact that I almost exhausted my vocabulary in the above statement just to show you how serious I am when I say that you are INFINITE and you are the one.

This material that I talking about is nothing but the ‘Sound of Silence‘. In case you are scratching your head wondering what in the world is this sound all about, just read this article.

It is not some feel-good type of motivation I am trying to instill in you. I am also not trying to boost your egos by flattering you. I just wanna give you the facts. The truth. To tell you who you really are. Plain and simple.

You never really take birth, nor do you ever actually die. There is no way to kill the ‘real you’. Yes, I am talking about you, not GOD.

you are the one


Expand the Horizon of your Understanding

You don’t have to find joy in this world when you actually are ‘happiness yourself. There is no reason to be sad or morose, but still, we are. And why is that? Because we don’t really know who we truly are. The wrong kind of understanding leads to all the problems.

You don’t have to love anyone. You are LOVE. And what is LOVE?

This connection that connects everyone in this Universe is love, and this love is the real you. What we people consider as love is false as we are always scared of “losing it”. Once we experience real love, the connection I talked about, then there will be no fear of separation left.

Once you truly understand your actual self, you will become united with this whole Universe, for real. And then this body becomes like an instrument for you to play with. You take care of it in every possible way so that you can experience the ultimate potential of this instrument.

You will become absolutely clear that this body, which we confuse our identities with, is just an instrument to see, an instrument to hear, an instrument to experience, an instrument to store memories.

But you are the EXPERIENCER, EXPERIENCING through this tool, and not the tool itself. This one seed of an idea will snowball into something so different than what you have been fed for all your lives.

The only question is, Do you have the patience and the enthusiasm to know more about yourself?


The Real You

The “real you” is just like the electricity flowing through every electrical appliance on this planet. But the problem arises at the level of understanding when the electricity starts thinking that it is just limited to one appliance. 

The electricity needs to understand that it is not limited to just one bulb, it exists in every bulb there is. Electricity is everywhere, and you are like this electricity, running through every living creature that exists on this planet.

This is called understanding yourself at the deepest possible level where there is no separation of any kind, where there only is UNITY. This unity is called LOVE. Now you can see yourself in everyone, and everyone in yourself.

you are infinite

The biggest misconception that has been planted in us is that every person has his own different soul. “This is your soul; this is my soul.” BS. In reality, there is no division of any kind.

Take space for example. The space between the screens and your eyes is not different from the space inside your body. (When you open your mouth, there is some space right?) Well, space is space.

There is no actual division in space whatsoever. All the divisions are imaginary, created in and by the mind. All the directions are just imagined for our own comfort. Is there actually a north direction? Think about it.


The Universe Is Our Baby

Just like for a mother, her child is a part of her body. She doesn’t even need to try to love the child; for her, the baby is her own extension.

Similarly, this universe is our baby. The whole universe grew out of us, not vice versa. It is made up of the source material that we all are made up of.

“We are a way for the universe to know itself. Some part of our being knows this is where we came from. We long to return. And we can, because the cosmos is also within us. We’re made of star-stuff,” by astronomer Carl Sagan.

If you have the capability to see things this way, then all there will be left will be the actual LOVEOnce you understand this deeply, then there will be no one left to hate. The word ‘Hate’ will be off of your dictionaries.

Now you will start loving even the shortcomings of this world, just like a mother’s love for her child is absolute and unconditional. So even if the child poops the mother will be ecstatic to see that her child is healthy. All right maybe that’s a stretch, but I hope you got the point I am trying to make here.

you heard me, you are the one
“My child just pooped, I am so HAPPYYYY!!”

If you can see things with this perception, then all the people you are in a relationship with, you wouldn’t have to put in efforts to love them, you will love them all the way.

The ones who try to love will naturally have a tendency to fight all the time. The ones whose basic nature is to love, won’t fight at all. There is just no possibility for conflicts to arise this way.

Now when I say things like this, you have to understand the bigger picture behind the words.

When I say you won’t ‘hate’ anyone, does that mean you will become the world’s biggest lover and would surpass Teresa in terms of loving humanity? Probably not.

Similarly, when I say that all the conflicts in your relationships would end, does it mean that you’d stop arguing and live in perfect harmony ever after? Haha, you wish.

The point I’m trying to make is that, on the surface level, everything is gonna happen the way it’s happening. There will be some bad people you’d come across who would cheat and betray you, people you can’t possibly show any kind of affection for. Likewise, there are gonna be a ton of clashes in your relationship on a day-to-day basis.

The only difference is that, when you truly understand the nature of things, the real you, then all these daily ups and downs won’t hamper your inner peace. You’d ride those curvy waves with style, and that’s gonna be enough. Don’t expect the waves to settle down in life. They are gonna keep coming the way they always were.


Don’t Follow The Masses

One way is to live the way everyone is living in this world, where 99.99% of their actions are influenced by fear and desire, where they will just try to fake their happiness on the outside, and hide the misery on the inside.

But if you understand who you are, you may sometimes cry on the outside, but you will always be in a state of eternal happiness on the inside. It is a completely different scenario. And this choice is totally up to you.

Even if your wife slams you for whatever reasons, you may start crying outwards, but inside you will be laughing and chilled out. Since you have understood the fact that your wife is not a separate entity, she is a part of you only, and there is no reason to be sad or angry.

Just like the teeth in your mouth, are they separate from you or are they a part of you? Didn’t get the point? Well, try this: If your tongue gets caught between your teeth, do you take out the hammer and start thrashing your teeth? Got the point?

Well, why don’t you anyway? After all, the teeth made such a horrendous mistake of laying their hands on the sweet and innocent tongue which lets you taste all the delicious and scrumptious food of the world.

Because you know that the teeth are also you, and so is the tongue. This is a real understanding of yourself. Now if everything is you only, then what are you gonna do?

Will there be anyone left in this universe who will be unforgivable to you, no matter how big a mistake they make? Are there any reasons left to be sad or unhappy? Who are you gonna fight with now? Who are you gonna get angry at now? 


Might Look Weird But Is True

The wife or the husband is like a reflection of your image only. It is exactly like looking directly into a mirror. Can you now fight looking at your own image in the mirror? Humans don’t but animals do that. They look at their own reflection in the mirror and start scratching the surface of the mirror.

If a bird is looking at the image of herself in the mirror, it will probably scare her because she thinks it is someone else. And then she starts pecking at it, and the reflection in the mirror does the same to her.

She keeps on beating looking at the image which in turn is also pecking at her. All she needs to do is to understand the fact that the moment she stops beating, the image will too because they are both the same.

That is precisely what’s going on in our lives as well. We only keep pecking at a form of ourselves all day long, because of our own lack of knowledge and understanding. Once you grasp this fact completely that this entire universe is a reflection of you only, how on earth are you gonna fight this?

you really are the one


Why So Serious?

After developing this kind of understanding, this whole world will become a playground for you, which for some people is a pretty grave and serious fight.

Once you get this, there will be no greed to win or terror to lose. You will play this game of life, just because it will become your very basic nature to play. Like a monkey doing cartwheels in the middle of a forest, who is doing it not to impress an audience in a circus, but because it is its very basic nature.

Try and remember when you were kids, you used to play each and every game pretty seriously. Winning or losing was a really important matter for us. But now if you play with your children, even if you are losing to them, you will be happy because you know it is just a game.

And if this becomes your attitude in the game of life, then winning or losing won’t matter to you, what will and should matter is whether you enjoyed playing the game or not.

 That should be the End Goal.

After this, you don’t have to put in any effort or do any meditation to stay in the moment, you will already be in the present moment.

Understanding yourselves means that your past and your future are just an illusion. The concept of time is just an illusion. It is just a concept of our brain. The reality is that we never really change at all.

The deeper you dive into this reality that you are the one and you are this supreme reality and not different from it, something truly mesmerizing will start happening. Now whether you wanna be mesmerized by reality or be grief-stricken in the illusion everyone believes in; that choice is yours to make. So, choose wisely.



“Don’t you know yet? It is your light that lights the world!”


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