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Death and Rebirth: All You Need to Know About it


As convoluted as concepts of death and rebirth may seem, I promise it will be pretty interesting to peel this off step by step to see what actually lies beyond. We all know that Death is a part of the game of life, and most of us are not really ready to accept it wholeheartedly.

The END is also a part of the journey. We are fearful of death; we are ignorant of it. Are we ready to really accept it? NO, we aren’t! The very thought of it, makes us shiver like anything. We can’t even imagine someone close to us, passing away into oblivion.

We need to understand what Death Really is!

If we could understand concepts like death itself, then though there will definitely be a sense of separation (in case the worst happens), you won’t be morose about it. Both are actually pretty different things, a world apart.

For instance, if you meet someone during a journey, and had a blast with him/her, then after the journey comes to an end, you will feel that sense of separation but you won’t be all gloomy about it and instead, you will cherish the good moments you enjoyed together.

See the difference? All right so, let me give it to you straight. There is no such thing as “Death” in this world. Nobody really dies. Nothing CAN ever really die. Neither scientifically nor spiritually.

death rebirth


CHANGE is all there is, and we label that as DEATH.

Now before you burst on me, think about it for a sec. When you boil water, does the water die? Or does it just become invisible to the human eye, as it converts into vapors?

Similarly, clouds form, and de-form, they don’t die. It was water before it transformed into a cloud, and it will remain water only after it transforms again. I am sure these talks will sound utter nonsense to most of us, because, well, the world doesn’t talk about it. (Even I would have found it absolutely ridiculous 5 years back, so I can’t really blame you.)

But can you deny anything I just mentioned till now? Can anyone challenge these facts in the world? We say bodies die. But what was a body before? 70% of our body is water.

The remaining 30% are the bones, flesh, vitamins, and minerals which are formed out of the food we eat. So, did the water run out? Are all the trees and crops bulldozed? Then how can we say the body died? It was all there before the body was formed and will remain long after the body has gone.

Like I said before, it is just changing its form. It is not really dying. The change is assigned with different names like death and birth. As simple as that. I mean we all even celebrate our birthdays on the wrong date. Weren’t you there 9 months before too?

We all have been trained from our childhood to hold on to the memories. Memories are a thing of the past. Your body, nature, flora, and fauna, are all constantly changing.

But we think that (at the level of memory) we are not changing. And because we have held this memory, we can’t see what actually is going on in the present moment. This is why we are sad.

If you are someone who is immortal, then your being sad makes sense. But hey you are not immortal, you too are gonna die one fine day, then what are you being so morose for? If you can hold on to the truth, then there actually is no reason to be sad.


Change is the Only Constant in this Universe

Once you understand the depth of this, you won’t hold on to any form of something that is constantly changing. You can’t actually! But since we all make an unsuccessful attempt to hold on to it, we become miserable.

There is nothing we can hold on to, in reality. The moment you try and grab a cloud, it would have already changed its shape.

But still, we defy this reality, and unnecessarily cling on to things, which becomes the root cause of our suffering. What most of us think of meditation is that they have to sit like a statue for 20min, which obviously is not the real essence of meditation.

death and rebirth are part of life


Understanding life in a precise manner is meditation.

How to do it? There are two ways.


First Way to Understand

One is getting hints from people who have already understood life pretty deeply. But don’t just do it to cramp up your memory. Listen to those who lighten up your mind, and talk about reality instead of concepts like reincarnation and whatnot.

Second Way to Understand

The other way is discovering it yourself. Once your mind becomes absolutely calm and composed, then try to understand by seeing things as it is.

But don’t expect to get anything new if you start questioning things with the pre-conceived notions and beliefs you have developed. Even a scientist can’t make a discovery this way.

Keep your beliefs aside, and start looking with an open mind. You need to be prepared and have the courage to ask some difficult questions along the way. Once our understanding develops, we will be able to overpower all your fears, including the fear of death itself.

All the confusions that keep on battering our pretty little brain will disappear.

Spirituality is super fun, but only for those who are open-minded and can comprehend things just by looking at them without any filters in their mind.



So, is it real? You must have asked this question. All the stories we have been fed during our childhood about rebirth. Who can actually answer this question? How can we know whether it is real or not? What is actually more important to understand? The present that you are currently living in or what is gonna supposedly happen after you depart from this earth? 

death and rebirth

Do we actually ever ask this question sincerely that what is really going on right now in our life? Yes, we all know about introspection but do we honestly do it, not just for show, but genuinely? So, even if you wanna know about this concept, how will you validate anything you read? Because people talk about all kinds of things.


Just See what your Experience Says

If you can remember what you were in your previous life, then, VOILA, rebirth is real (do tell me in the comments about your previous life).

And if you don’t remember anything about your previous life, then, unfortunately, you have just one life to live guys. Forget about what you read or hear from people, but just stick to what your experience says, plain and easy. If you just blindly accept whatever I say, then you will just become a puppet and agree with whatever bullshit I or anyone else is feeding you.

Let’s take this one Step Further

Does your face have any similarities with your parents? (God, I hope so) If not your parents, then maybe your grandparents?

Scientifically, it can be proven that you are the continuation of your parents. Your parents are the continuation of your grandparents. Your grandparents are the continuation of your great grandparents and so on.

So, what’s happening here?

If you keep on expanding this family tree, for I don’t know, maybe 10000-levels up (or more), then you will notice the hierarchy expanding and expanding. There will finally come a point where it will become a full circle. Then aren’t we in turn a continuation of this UNIVERSE itself? Fascinating, right?

death and rebirth: we are all connected

Keep on expanding this hierarchy, and it will eventually become a circle.


Enhance your Understanding

If one can see the reality and understand it, then there is no room for questioning there. But the problem arises when we read something from somewhere and assume that we understood it completely.

If you can learn to see even a single thing as it is, then you will know how to see anything and everything in this world in its actual form.

Things become a lot simpler this way, otherwise, we just get overwhelmed in our own imagination only and become dependent on everyone else. Whatever they say, you will accept it with an open mind because we never did the inquiries ourselves.

People live in stories and they die believing them. As a kid, we all were fond of them, but the thing is, that kid never grew up at all and is still living in fictional reality only. Now if we split this word into two: ‘Re’ + ‘Birth’. What is this birth first of all?

death rebirth

Rebirth is only possible if birth is possible! Makes sense, right? One can’t even talk about rebirth if birth itself is a lie.

So, what do we mean by birth? Did we all just come out of nowhere and suddenly popped out? Were we not there, before our bodies came into existence? And no, I am not talking about you being in your mother’s womb. Even before you were inside your mom, were you not there in this universe?


An Example will Make Things Easier

Take a pot for example. Is it accurate to say that the pot was born on so and so date? The material of which it is made up of, mud, was there before too, wasn’t it? Even if the pot breaks into pieces, will it be correct to say that it is dead? The mud is still there.

Now compare this with humans. Our bodies are a form of this INFINITE source of everything. It is only the form that is changing. The raw material, of which we all are made up is the only constant in this universe. It never dies.

And yes, in case some of you weren’t clear, the SOUND of SILENCE is the source I am talking about here. (In case, you have no idea about what is this, I suggest you read this article.)

understand what death and rebirth really are

Now, where are death and rebirth here? Think about it, what you are labeling as “I”, is actually your parents, right? You literally came out of them. Your parents are a culmination of their parents and so on and on and on.

Once you start questioning like this, you will reach the conclusion that nothing on this planet can take birth or die. You must have heard this statement in your high school science class, “Energy can’t be created nor can it be destroyed.”

It is probably the most underrated statement in the Universe. It wasn’t just limited to your exams but it also governs the basic fundamentals of the universe too. So, both death and rebirth are an illusion. Scientifically and spiritually, nothing can be created nor destroyed. If birth is a lie, then forget about rebirth.

What is that one thing that you can say remain as it is, from your childhood up until now and will remain the same? Dreams, thoughts, feelings, emotions, your bodies, they all change, what is something that is not changing?



The way you see, the way you hear, your awareness remains the same. In fact, your way of seeing things can also change. But you see, you hear—that remains constant. That sensation remains the same.

Your ability to see and hear can change. But your seeing can’t change. This will remain the same in the future too. The awareness remains intact. This awareness is the sound of silence.
Everything comes and goes into this awareness.

Now you have to ask yourselves, are you the one that is constantly changing in this world (your body, mind, emotions, etc)


Are you that constant in this ever-changing world?



Remember, you will become what you believe in!



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