3 Life Lessons you can learn from a Table


Get ready for a series of articles that are about to blow your mind. I have hand-picked 6 daily usage items/machines (namely Air conditioner, Shoe, Pen, Table, and Car) which we all can relate to very well, and have elaborated in detail what we all can and should learn from these items. This is part 2(of 6) of the “Learn from Everything” Series.

If you think about it, that’s what a learning attitude is all about at the end of the day. If you have it in you, you can learn from any and every goddamn thing in life

You can learn from good people and you can learn from bad people, you can learn from good situations and you can learn from bad situations, you can learn from the positive and you can learn from the negative, you can learn from successes and you can learn from failures, you can learn from other people and you can learn from yourself, you learn from the living and you can definitely learn from the nonliving.

And, that’s exactly what we are gonna do. So, let’s get the party started. 


What can we Learn from a Table?


Life Lesson #1: A Balance is Very Important 

For a table to hold its value, it’s very critical for it to maintain a balance. Without the perfect balance, what good is a table? 

Likewise, we also need to learn from the table that a balance is necessary for life, without which we are gonna invite more troubles than necessary. 

If you are a workaholic, then having fun in whatever way suits you is a good idea. If you are a total addict, then having a vision and working upon your goals would probably be nice. Making too much money is fine, but don’t forget to spend some time with the people you are actually close to, and well, you don’t have to sit in your home all day long and shoot your career down. 

Moderation is good. Moderation when done in moderation is even better.


Life Lesson #2: Looks are Deceiving 

When you actually look at a table, what do you actually see? I mean, you might be looking at a table, but what are you actually looking at? Let me tell you, it’s not a ‘table’. 

What you see, in reality, is wood. You have simply given a name to a particular form of wood and sometimes, in fact most of the time, you kinda overlook the root material of what it’s made of. If you invert the table, you will start calling it a box.

So, these labels are all in our minds. It’s neither a table nor a box, it is actually wood. Saying that it is a table for conversational purposes is fine, but don’t misinterpret what wood can actually be. A table is likely to remain just a table or a box at times, but wood can be carved into numerous shapes and sizes. 

Similarly, you are not just limited to your outward bodily appearances. Don’t wanna go spiritual, but it’s an opportune moment. 

You are not just fat or slim, beautiful or ugly, tall or short, smart or dumb. Don’t limit yourself to just what you see yourself as in the mirror. Don’t also limit yourself to believing what society or your family thinks you are or should be.

If you are a table, then the world would try to convince you to become a chair because they think it’s worth a lot more, and vice versa. That’s what everyone is running after, to prove themselves in some way or the other. But they don’t realize that ultimately both the table and the chair are limited at the end of the day.


Life Lesson #3: You are not what you think you are

The real fun lies in seeing the reality that you are neither the table you think you are nor the chair the world wants you to be. You are actually the wood that can become anything and everything. Even wood will have its limitations as it is matter after all, but what about ‘energy’? 

What if you are actually the energy that’s responsible for running your body? Energy can’t be confined to a form or a shape or a size. It’s everywhere and can be used in any way. 

If a table is gonna think that it’s just a table, then its understanding of the self is always gonna be limited. Just like if you act like you are only the body. But if you see the fact that you are the very manifestation of the Universe, the energy which is keeping us all alive, then the level of your actions is gonna be on a different level altogether.  


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But, wait, that’s I am not done yet. I am not gonna limit this party to just myself, so I want you guys too to come up with any object and your observations regarding what you can learn from it. You can email me your response at [email protected], just make sure to add the relevant subject “Learn from Anything: …..”, fill in the dotted line with whatever object you chose and I will add your response in this series, provided that it’s amazing.


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