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5 Life Lessons Everyone should learn from an Air Conditioner


Get ready for a series of articles that are about to blow your mind. I have hand-picked 6 daily usage items/machines (namely Air conditioner, Shoe, Pen, Table, and Car) which we all can relate to very well, and have elaborated in detail what we all can and should learn from these items. This is part 1(of 6) of the “Learn from Everything” Series.

If you think about it, that’s what a learning attitude is all about at the end of the day. If you have it in you, you can learn from any and every goddamn thing in life

You can learn from good people and you can learn from bad people, you can learn from good situations and you can learn from bad situations, you can learn from the positive and you can learn from the negative, you can learn from successes and you can learn from failures, you can learn from other people and you can learn from yourself, you learn from the living and you can definitely learn from the nonliving.

And, that’s exactly what we are gonna do. So, let’s get the party started. 


What can we Learn from an Air Conditioner?


Life Lesson #1: Be Cool 

You saw that coming, didn’t you?

So, often in our lives when things don’t go according to plan, or when failures strike, or when our whole life turns upside down, we become all red and furious and restless. An Air Conditioner on the other hand knows how to keep his cool even in the hottest of summers.

The functionality of an AC remains sorta impervious to the outside temperature, at least to some extent. It can make you cool in summer, it can freeze you in winters, it can keep you cool in autumn and spring too. And that’s a superpower.

If your outer environment is what’s controlling you then you aren’t really gonna make it big in life because you are gonna be a prisoner of the external stimuli. The real swag lies in conquering yourself and changing the outer circumstances because of the inner resilience you build, and not vice versa. An AC is a great reminder for that.

air conditioner

Life Lesson #2: It’s Ok if you are not Perfect

While the AC spreads coolness to one side, it emits harmful fumes on the other side. It’s making one side of the world cool at the expense of making the other side warm. 

And that’s ok. You are not Superman who has to save the fate of the universe. Every one of us has some flaws and shortcomings, which is totally alright. Don’t stress too much over what bad you are doing, and focus on the good you are providing.

Now having said that, it doesn’t mean you become totally complacent and start pretending that there’s no problem in the first place. What I meant was, even after having such a major flaw, the AC is used extensively worldwide. We are, in a way, embracing the positive and overlooking the negative. Now, what would happen if we can look at the world through this lens?

Think about it. The world will be a totally different place if we all can embrace the positive side of people and situations instead of criticizing the negative side of them all the time.


Life Lesson #3: Turn Adversities into Opportunities

Come to think of it, another world-class lesson to learn from an Air conditioner is that, it has this amazing quality of transforming the useless or inefficient into something insanely valuable and efficient. 

The AC is adept at sucking in all the heat of the environment and converting it into cool waves which are obviously useful. And look at the beauty of it, it sucks in the heat, makes it cool, and again emits the heat back to its origin, only hotter. 

Though that’s a negative on the side of AC, then nobody is perfect in this imperfect world. So, focus on the good, and learn to make the best out of the worst. You won’t be handed with sunshine and lilies in your life on a silver platter, but that shouldn’t be stopping you from doing something great. If anything, that should inspire you to give in your best shot nonetheless. 


Life Lesson #4: Find your Source of Energy

Another thing to learn from an Air Conditioner is that just like electricity is the reason behind the working of the AC, you gotta find your source of energy too that will help you keep on moving forward

Now, let’s make it more interesting. The source of energy behind the AC which is helping it make the world cool in the first place is hot. Electricity in itself is electrons rubbing against each other creating friction with heat. 

Can you see the irony? It’s actually heat and warmth which the AC has to imbibe in order to generate chill waves. Now, ain’t that a great lesson for you to take home?

You also gotta grind, hustle, and work your ass off to actually get what you want. Don’t expect things to work out on their own. It doesn’t work that way. Most people simply want some magical source of energy that will come and make them achieve wonderful things without lifting a finger, and that’s where they are utterly wrong.

Every comfort demands discomfort, every success demands failure, every positive demands a negative, every smile demands pain, every good demands bad, every hero demands a villain, every cold demands some heat. They are two sides of the same coin. For one to exist, there has to be another. 

air conditioner

If you are facing problems, challenges, and hardships, then that’s amazing! You are among the privileged ones the way I see it. What you may not realize is that those are simply the Universe’s way to mold you into what you need to be, to get what you ultimately want in life.

These issues and problems, which you keep running from all your life, are actually your truest source of energy. Without them, the heat-producing factory inside you would go bust and you will wander directionlessly and aimlessly and would ultimately become lazy and probably would start indulging in shallow and temporary pleasures.

I genuinely feel sorry for people who don’t face any kind of challenges in life or are busy solving the wrong kind of problems in life. The AC needs the right amount of electricity to function adequately. A high surge of current or low level of voltage—they both aren’t right for the cooling device to work efficiently.

So, if you wanna shine on the outside, don’t curse the energy that’s gonna be responsible for making it happen. That’s probably the best lesson we can learn from the AC. Making excuses for what’s actually gonna accelerate your growth is not only stupid, it’s horrendous.

Look at any great personality, they probably faced the hardest of challenges, because of which their stories became all the more interesting and intriguing. You too need to find and embrace your source of energy to do something worthwhile in life, just like the AC has to keep its back warm in order to keep its front cool.


Life Lesson #5: Identity who you really are

It’s very crucial for each and every one of you to identify what you actually are from the inside. Self-awareness is probably the most underrated trait for anyone to master. 

Just imagine that if the air conditioner doesn’t really know that it’s an air conditioner and it starts to believe that it’s actually a heater, then can you fathom the fate of its life? I mean, what good could possibly come out of its life, when it’s made to live the life of something it’s not.

Unfortunately, that’s what happens with most of us. Because we never really question who we are, what we want, why do we want what we want, we deviate away from who we actually are and start accepting what society thinks we are. In no way, is that a smart thing to do.

Letting the fate of your life hang around with the people is not a good way to live your life. Following this path, there is a strong possibility that you don’t reach your true potential and the whole world demoralizes you when you are unable to do what they said you should do perfectly because that’s not who you are.

So, you may get trapped in all directions if you walk on this road. All the more reasons for you to figure out these substantial things about your own life, on your own.

You might be an AC all along but the world will try its level best to convince you that you are wrong, that you are gonna fail, that you will never make it because they think heaters are all that exist and only heaters can survive in this world.

And when the world goes against you, do you know what are you supposed to do? Yeah, you guessed it. When a problem of this stature strikes your door, you say “Yes, TODAY!” and leverage it to generate pools of energy inside you, to ultimately become cool on the outside. 

How cool is that now! You will be generating energy when the people around you push back because in no way are you gonna try to be something you are not.


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But, wait, that’s I am not done yet. I am not gonna limit this party to just myself, so I want you guys too to come up with any object and your observations regarding what you can learn from it. You can email me your response at [email protected], just make sure to add the relevant subject “Learn from Anything: …..”, fill in the dotted line with whatever object you chose and I will add your response in this series, provided that it’s amazing.


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