life's a dance
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Life’s A Dance You Learn As You Go

What do I mean by saying that “Life’s a Dance”? Well, life is actually a rhythm, and once we understand that rhythm, and act accordingly, then it essentially becomes a dance.

Life’s a dance for those who know that there is a tempo in life, and if one persistently catches that beat and swirls according to it, then there will come a time when the whole world will dance according to you.

What you call positive or negative, happy or sad, success or failure, things which inspire you and things which discourage you, things that go according to the plan and the things that didn’t—they all are actually a part of the rhythm of your life.


Life's a dance



Catch The Rhythm

If someone or somethings are going against you, and if you can observe it patiently then you will notice that they are actually creating energy in you. But we don’t think this way and blow that energy off in a meaningless and stupid manner.

Even an airplane has to steer against the wind in order to take off.

Whenever you say that you are not happy with people who demoralize you or discourage you, or with situations when they get hard, then that means you are not able to catch the rhythm of it.

You are not able to understand the “Life’s a Dance” phenomenon, and ultimately aren’t able to swing properly.

If one understands the beats of life, then they will notice that whenever things start getting hard or people start having second opinions about them, then such instances spark a type of energy inside us, to prove the world wrong.

Strange, right? Negative things creating energy in us. All we have to do is slightly change the way we look at things, and the things we look at will actually change, for real.

Now, are the so-called ‘negative things’ actually negative? Not quite. If we want we can harness energy from both the ‘positive’ and the ‘negative’ circumstances of life.

SO, life is actually like a battery, where both the positive and negative terminals combine to create the electricity required to run the life.



Stop Giving Excuses

We are not realizing that whatever excuses you are making to quit, they are actually blessings in disguise. They are like thrusters that have the potential to push you forward in life and thrive.

You will realize this at a later point in time, but sometimes people who are your biggest rivals may actually be the biggest reason for your success.

That’s what “Life’s a dance” philosophy all about.

All kinds of people, whether they supported you or betrayed you, helped you or spatted on your face; coupling with all the situations you encountered so far, has fashioned a piece of music in your life, and the way you have danced to that music is the reason for your current state of life.

If you had just the positive people and positive situations in your life, then the music wouldn’t have been the same, and you wouldn’t have danced the same way you did.

Playing piano with just the white keys, won’t give the same satisfaction as when both the black and white keys are played together. That’s when “Life’s a Dance” philosophy actually comes to fruition.


Life's a dance


When you truly embrace this philosophy then you won’t have any regrets or complaints left, because you realize that it takes both the positive and the negative situations to play the music that you are dancing on currently.

They all are helping you become the person you want to.

Now it won’t matter to you whether the upcoming music is rock, pop, jazz, blues, hip-hop—they all are ultimately helping you become a better dancer than you were before.

You will be called a good player when you master every kind of stroke. Similarly, you will be called a great person when you will know how to deal with all kinds of situations in life. That’s why this philosophy “Life’s a Dance” is so freaking quintessential.



The Better Way to Dance

There are two ways to dance. One is where you prepare yourself for a certain beat or rhythm, and you wait for it to come so that you can showcase the world your master step.

The other way is where you don’t give a damn what the music is, you are ready to dance whenever, wherever, to any music whatsoever by patiently catching the rhythm and dancing naturally.

Now draw a comparison with life. Most people want to live their lives the former way, where they want to be prepared for the upcoming challenge beforehand, but the problem is, you don’t know what’s coming next.

 Only when you are ready for every situation, doesn’t matter how awesomely good, or how pathetically bad it may seem, only then can you actually live your life to its fullest.

What’s the big deal about dancing to the very song you practiced all your life for. You didn’t learn anything new there—you did what was already installed in your system.

The real swag is when a song, you haven’t even heard of, is played and you dance like never seen before. That’s the true essence of “Life’s a Dance” philosophy.

The whole world wants to dance on the rhythm they are familiar with, or in other words, they don’t wanna go outside their comfort zones.




Embrace the Unanticipated

People dream about something, and they believe that they will become happy when so and so thing happens. Let’s say it does happen, and their wish comes true; but what then? Will it be the real fun?

The real fun is when something you didn’t even imagine of in your wildest dreams becomes your reality, and you are still dancing like anything in joy, uninterrupted & unaffected. That’s where the money is.

There is no happy or sad, positive or negative, in the rhythm of life. That’s just a label we are imposing on it, which is futile. Life isn’t gonna change its tempo for you.

Stop blaming your parents, society, or family, for making your life ‘miserable’; they are all acting according to their own nature. Their nature is their rhythm.



Life is the DJ

“Life’s a Dance” philosophy is beyond good or bad, success or failure. It’s like you are on a stage, and life is the DJ. But the catch-22 here is that the DJ is playing and changing the songs according to his own whims.

Now you are left with two choices. One is to stand still until the DJ plays your favorite song. “I will become happy when I achieve my goal”.

The other choice is that you don’t know what the future holds. You don’t know how long the DJ will play a song for you. So, all you care about is what is the song currently played and how well you can dance at this particular moment.

People can’t deal with their failure when they start giving instructions to ‘life’. Life is not the kind of DJ you can give instructions to—he is stubborn with what he wants to play and won’t give a rat’s ass to your opinion.


life's a dance


At this party of life, you can either dance or cry. The choice is yours.

Even if the song, you were so ardently waiting for, gets played; don’t be under the misconception that it is gonna last forever. It isn’t.

The goal you wanted to achieve for so long; when it is fulfilled, life will throw another challenge, another song for you to dance on, which again will be something you didn’t anticipate.

So, the ultimate thing to do is to give this DJ a free hand. When you become absolutely ready to dance at whatever song the DJ has set for you, and you don’t care about how you are gonna look while dancing, then something magical starts happening.

Now sit back and listen to what John Michael has to say:




“Life’s a dance you learn as you go
Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow
Don’t worry about what you don’t know
Life’s a dance you learn as you go.”





Life's A Dance You learn as you go
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Life's A Dance You learn as you go
Life's a dance. You are on the stage with the spotlights on and Life is the stubborn DJ here. You can either Dance or Cry. Choose Wisely.
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