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Positive Energy: The Best Way to Increase it!


What is it that you guys want from your life? For something delightful to happen that increases your positive energy or something grotesque, that takes away the energy? Well, definitely the former(hopefully).

It means it’s our very basic nature to experience something bona fide in our lives. The natural human tendency is to increase their positive energy to make them better at whatever they do.

You would feel more than awesome to listen to praises instead of someone belittling you or pinpointing your fly in the ointment. Everyone loves a compliment. Everyone loves ‘LOVE’. Everyone loves encouragement instead of criticization.

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Everyone Wants to be Loved

When you achieve something, then you want people to push you forward instead of picking out your shortcomings.

If people become happy in your happiness then you feel good and relish it. If you make a mistake, then how would you like the other person to behave? Forgive you or beat you to death for the rest of your life(physically or mentally)?

Do you want them to forget about your mistake or would you rather them keep reminding you and undermine you forever?

So, what’s really happening here, we want one thing to happen but unfortunately, it’s not what we would supposedly get all the time. WE want to be forgiven if we make a mistake, but now try turning the tables.

Can you be 100% sure that you would have done the same?

It’s so simple to understand if we look at it this way; we have established the fact that we want to be loved, we want freedom, we want to be forgiven, we don’t want any kind of jealousy, hatred, enviousness, or fury from anyone.

Now look closely, isn’t that what everyone wants Ultimately?

Everyone wants a positive and peaceful life.

The day you really understand the above statement, not just for show but actually from deep within, then that would mean that you have actually embarked on the spiritual journey.

This basic understanding that you gotta stop doing anything and everything, right from your thought level to the physical/material level, that you wouldn’t want to happen to yourself.


Treat others the same way you would like to be Treated Yourself

If you want to be loved, first start loving yourself; if you want to be forgiven, start forgiving those who did something wrong to you (including yourself); if you want to be peaceful, stop getting into futile arguments with your loved ones.

This is the real essence of positive thinking, moral science, good karma, and bad karma. Once you start understanding this way of life, something really wonderful starts happening. You may have trouble adjusting in the short term, but the long term is gonna be full of sunshine and rainbows. I will give you a short example.

A while back, we had some relatives at our house. Now the problem with me is I talk really straightforward instead of running around the bush.

So what happened was they were with my parents and were backbiting some of their other close relatives. Now as I was listening to them, I started smiling broadly (in a mischievous manner), which drew everyone’s attention towards me. They asked me curiously that why I was smiling. 

So I just asked a simple question to my parents, that if they can badmouth some of their own close relatives in front of us, then what would they be talking about us behind our backs?

And everyone got dumbstruck. Of course, I was controlling my laughter. Then starts the justification process but who cares about that. So, got the point? If you behave stupidly then you can’t possibly expect to be peaceful.

positive energy comes from positive thoughts


You Reap What You Sow, Always

Some people think that if one does something bad to someone, then one day or the other it will come in a full circle to him as well. Well, it’s incomplete truth or what you may refer to as the Law of Karma.

It doesn’t take that long to happen. If you so much as think something evil about someone, then it already starts then and there, the same thing happening to you. If I start thinking bad about a relative of mine—my mind is already corrupted, period. The mind that was peaceful a moment ago has lost its purity starting the very second I went down this path.

People came up with fascinating theories about this, where they say if you do something x,y,z then 10 years from now you will have an accident and blah blah blah so in order to redeem yourself from the bad deed you gotta do l,m,n.

positive thinking can't foster with negative thoughts

Now it’s great for children to explain such things, but I expect you all to be grown-ups. (can I?) Most people keep on believing what they were told as a child; that God will become angry and he would go on a rampage and whatnot.

Evidently, they may be all grown up physically, but mentally they still think like a kiddo. Just see the reality as it is. Not only from your eyes, but from your mind.



It’s really simple, notice the feeling you get when you think of somebody in a good way as opposed to in a bad way.

GOD doesn’t have to intervene; we ourselves, consciously, or subconsciously punish and reward ourselves. So, in case some of you may be thinking that I am not making sense, let’s do a small activity.

Repeat after me;

HEY supreme intelligence, may every living being on this planet become peaceful from within, may they all become resolved from all their issues, may they all be cherished eternally, may they all heal themselves, may they all live a HAPPY LIFE!

Now, let’s try this;

HEY supreme intelligence, may every living being on this planet be at war from within, may they all be crushed like the cockroaches they are, may they all be overwhelmed with disappointment, may they all be smushed from the everlasting suffering, may they all live a MISERABLE LIFE!

Can you notice any difference within when you say it? One would make you calm, happy, and peaceful. The other would make you restless, unhappy, and stressed. See, you already got the result according to what you did, and not after 10 years but right at this moment. People can’t see this straight. It’s no rocket science.

positive energy

A lot simpler than this…

Now what if the former prayer stays with you; there’s a very high probability that you would remain at peace from within.

You can’t say for sure that by reciting this prayer there would actually be no suffering, the world is likely to remain the way it always has; but what you can be sure of, is your peace and your serenity.

 Once you attain your peace, it will spread like wildfire as it is really powerful and infectious, and slowly and gradually a chain reaction initiating from you will take place.


Now that has the potential to change the World

Not your prayer but the peace you got from it. Where there is peace there is HAPPINESS. Now if you go with the second prayer, in any form, chances are that it will have a deteriorating effect on your mental condition, you won’t get a good night’s sleep, it will affect your health, and hence your relationships.


If your mind is at peace, then at least you can think better about your financials, health, and relationships than those who are utterly restless. And chances are very high that you actually succeed in it by taking the right kind of action. The more you walk this path, the stronger you become from within.




You can’t get Positive Energy from Negative thinking. You reap what you sow, ALWAYS.


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