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You will Always Take the Right Action after Doing this!


Let’s talk about some action. The right kind of action. Now suppose you are in a situation and of course you would wanna take the right action, right, so how do you do it?

You may have choices of whether to act or not to act. To act in one particular way or in some other way. So how exactly to act, or even act in the first place?

Do you have what it Takes To Take the Right Action?

Ask yourself, what’s the basis of the actions you intend to take? Do you even have the right knowledge and understanding of that particular situation?

That should be the basis of the step you are gonna take. You can’t possibly act on something you have no idea about, can you? (ya! I know what your smart mouth is gonna reply with, but hey I am talking about the RIGHT kind of action here.)

Here, take an example, let’s say I am thirsty and wanna drink water and I ask you to hand me a “Tottle” (instead of a “bottle”). So, would you be able to give it to me?  Of course not. (as stupid it may seem, try to see where I am going with it.)

Why? Because you have no knowledge or memory of how a “tottle” can quench someone’s thirst. You know what a bottle is but you have no clue regarding what a tottle is. SO, it’s quite evident that we can’t possibly act outside our knowledge and the memory stored in us. Savvy?


Understand the situation to take the RIGHT ACTION

We shouldn’t act on any situation unless we know what we are doing. If you don’t know what a ‘tottle’ is, it’s better to ask him what he means by this, instead of going all in and handing him a can of COKE, and making a complete fool of yourself! (I mean what were you thinking. This is what we do most of the time though.)

All right so you must be asking then what to do; in order to get our actions straight in any situation, you go in. Simple; whatever field you are acting in, be it your profession, your relationships, your life, or your health; you gotta start collecting the correct information, which is based on facts and figures and not speculations, suppositions, accusations, imaginations, illusions or beliefs.


Common sense is not Common Practice

Practical knowledge, obviously super cedes theoretical knowledge. ALWAYS. The practical reality is something that has been proven time and time again and can’t be shaken by any power in this world. Water is wet, this is a reality; a proven fact. No scientific knowledge can challenge it. (at least for now)

Whenever we are aligned with reality, walk along with reality, seeing reality as it is; then there’s no problem that can overwhelm you.

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Get Aligned With the Reality To Take The Right Action

Now it’s easy to apply it in mechanical things. If you wanna operate a machine you need some prior knowledge about it.

Take driving, if you wanna learn how to drive, you will have to learn about the car’s process and operations, and voila you just took the first right action to learn to drive. You don’t follow the process; you are likely to encounter an accident.   

So, there’s a set pattern to drive cars, where your beliefs about it aren’t gonna be helpful. If you live in the US, you have to drive on the right-hand side. Making a stupid belief like, “oh no no I will drive on the left side because I feel good about it” will bring accidents and unnecessary pain only.

right action in life
You don’t wanna experience this

Sticking to reality in the mechanical processes is relatively easier than in the game of life. Nevertheless, we gotta learn how to achieve this in our day-to-day life as well. Let’s say I am with a person, and I am not exactly crazy about the guy, but I have a choice of whether to stay connected with him or erase him from my life and never look back.

So now, whether to appease him or be angry at him, depends totally on me. The thing is there’s no book or science about how to handle such circumstances, perfectly. There’s no absolute right or wrong in situations like these.

Then what will you do now?

I will tell you what you must be doing right now, you can practically verify it as well. If you will acutely observe yourself you will see that even if you don’t want to, you will act according to your knowledge, understanding, and your habit ONLY.

So, what’s the solution to this? 


Start Doing This To Take The Right Action

TO give it to you simply; just improve your knowledge and understanding about the situation gradually. Like I said before, seeing reality without any filter or bias.

You won’t even realize it now, but once you instill this habit in yourself, slowly and steadily this will enhance your understanding of the situations you are in; and palpably your action is going to be the right action. But hold on, even after doing all this; the outcome is still not in your hands.

It doesn’t matter if you did everything you could have possibly imagined, even deepened your understanding, and then also took the right action (which you feel is precise), but still, there’s no hard and fast rule of whether your action (right or wrong) is gonna bring in the right outcome.


The Outcome isn’t in your Hands

It’s possible that you thought it was the right thing to do but the outcome is not satisfactory. It’s totally possible that you had the right intentions and did something good about the person but instead of acknowledging and being indebted to you forever, he cold-heartedly spats on your face all the way.

take right action in this lifeSomething just like this!

So now, what are you gonna do about it?

Repeat the whole cycle again, hahaha. Look at the situation again and then decide what you have to do now. Situations change every second which is why it’s called life. And grasping this whole concept is, yeah you should have guessed it, spirituality.

The Very Definition of the so-called “Right Action” will keep on Changing all the Time

You have to understand the situation in the present moment and then take the action analyzing all the variables at this particular moment only. You acted thinking it’s the right action but turned out that it was terribly wrong.

So, then you again have to feel the situation and accept the reality that “yeah I thought I was doing the right thing but it made everything wrong”; now what to do? BE AWARE, understand the situation, don’t get stuck in the past, reminiscing your previous mistakes again and again.

Learn from it and move on!

It’s ok you took the wrong step thinking it was right, now all that matters is what you do next; in the particular situation. Nothing remains as it is in this ever-changing world. This is why we need a spiritual mind that can stay in the present and understand the reality of the situation.

The more you understand the meaning of life, the fewer conflicts you will have with other people and hence the more will be your positive energy. And as the conflicts begin to lessen, not only in the outside world but also in your inner world, then that means you are taking the RIGHT ACTIONS!




Right Understanding Inevitably Lead to the Right Actions.


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