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The Ultimate Purpose of Life(You should know this)

So, I am sure many of you must have had this pertinent question.

What exactly is the ultimate purpose of my life, why am I here?

Especially when you guys are going through some rough phase in your life!

Am I right?

When life is going smoothly you would never ponder upon something like so important like this. It’s only when something you didn’t anticipate happens that you start questioning God’s plan.

purpose of lifeThat’s what frustration looks like


You start wondering whether this pain is all you will ever get in this life or will you ever be able to get rid of your negative thinking?

Am I doomed to gloom? Don’t worry you are not!

So as far as I can comprehend, I came up with two purposes, life can have.


One is living to think restlessly (which most of us do).

Second is thinking to live peacefully.


Now before you dive right in, go through that again. Read every word very carefully and ask yourself which purpose are you living right now.

You don’t have to stop thinking, you are alive. (which I have a feeling is a lot easier to fathom than to accept that YOU ARE Infinite)

To stop thinking is not the real goal of spirituality; many people have had this misconception that spirituality is somehow related to not think or stop thinking, which is completely false.

Thinking correctly; that makes you peaceful.


All right so now we have two purposes to choose from. All you have to do now is sit back, relax, and close your eyes; and think,what’s my purpose?

purpose of life
Heyy!! I said CLOSE your eyes !!


TO constantly keep running from here and there at the level of my mind, getting fatigued at the end of the day; meaningless blabber continuously gripping our brain to do something creative, something meaningful, something of value. Comparing yourself to others, getting jealous, creating hatred, envy, etc; this all comes under living for thinking.




To think correctly which involves not asking yourself WHY all the time. Why am I poor, why my wife hates me, why my children don’t love me, why am I ugly.

Instead, replace the WHY with WHAT. What can I do to be rich, what can I do to make my wife happy, and so on?

That’s thinking to live peacefully. Sticking to reality. Peace should be the ULTIMATE goal.

Purpose of life
That’s Peace….


One type of thinking instills stress, anxiety, and worry.

The other type relieves you of all kinds of stress and makes you more creative in taking the right action. And the best thing?

You can choose which purpose to follow, ANYTIME.

It all starts by accepting things the way they are. You cannot change the outside world no matter how hard you try.

You can’t change your grumpy employer who nags you for being late, you can’t change your face (ok ok I know what you are gonna say), you can’t change your body features.

All these are outer things and not under your control, so there’s no need to worry about such things.


Stop asking questions like why does the cat eats the mouse. Why did I get fired from the job, why am I so short? Such questions have only one purpose of their own, to create misery!

Now it’s up to you if you wanna help them succeed in their mission of creating sorrow in this world or take a stand and show them who’s the boss of your life.


The only thing you have absolute control over is you yourself. And once you shift your focus to what’s beneath you; once you start changing yourself the world around you will start changing and for the good. It’s really that simple.

One of the easiest examples I can give to differentiate the two types of thinking is let’s suppose you are a chubby person.

just like this doll


Now there can be two approaches that you can take.

One is pestering yourself constantly why am I not slim, why don’t I have abs and all. This perspective would create, yeah you guessed it, unnecessary stress in your life, which is actually good for nothing. (well mostly!) 

Now the other perspective can be, seeing the reality as it is and accepting it. It’s all right if I don’t have abs, at least I look cute.


So what can I do to have a well-toned body? Now just asking this will create endless possibilities.

This will shift your thinking from problem-centric to solution-centric. You will start getting answers. And the best part, it’s under your control.

So that’s the right thinking.


You should be well aware of what’s right thinking and what’s wrong thinking. Wrong thinking is the entry ticket to the stress world while the right thinking will take you to Disneyworld.


So now what’s the Ultimate Goal Again?


Everyone has some skills, some hidden talents, some mind(which helps you in thinking); these are all your resources more or less. You need to find who you are!

You gotta use the best possible permutation combination of all your resources you can use TODAY to make your life peaceful. That’s it.

By peaceful I don’t just intend your mind. I mean every phase of your life; be it financial, health, emotional, relationships.

Not peaceful in the short term, but eternally.

Short term peace comprises of going out, partying, drinking, smoking, going on a holiday.

These are just escapes. The unfortunate part is that most of us consider this joy and confuse this with real happiness.

Once you are in the moment you might feel better for the time being but then when you come back to normal life, which you will, you will again become restless and sad, etc.


I am talking about ultimate peace. ABSOLUTE peace. The type of peace that no power in this world can disturb it. UNSHAKABLE peace. This should be your purpose.



This is the Ultimate Purpose of LIFE!


The Ultimate Purpose of Life(You should know this)
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The Ultimate Purpose of Life(You should know this)
All our life we wander here and there doing meaningless things which serve no real purposes. So what actually is the ultimate purpose of life?
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