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3 Amazing Things a Bottle Cap can teach you


Get ready for a series of articles that are about to blow your mind. I have hand-picked 6 daily usage items/machines (namely Air conditioner, Shoe, PenTable, and Car) which we all can relate to very well, and have elaborated in detail what we all can and should learn from these items. This is part 4(of 6) of the “Learn from Everything” Series.

If you think about it, that’s what a learning attitude is all about at the end of the day. If you have it in you, you can learn from any and every goddamn thing in life

You can learn from good people and you can learn from bad people, you can learn from good situations and you can learn from bad situations, you can learn from the positive and you can learn from the negative, you can learn from successes and you can learn from failures, you can learn from other people and you can learn from yourself, you learn from the living and you can definitely learn from the nonliving.

And, that’s exactly what we are gonna do. So, let’s get the party started. 


What can we learn from a Bottle Cap?


Life Lesson #1: Learn to Control the Pressure

A bottle cap is probably the best tool we can learn from if we want to brush up our pressure handling ability. The even more astounding fact is that the bottle cap knows how to handle the pressure inside the bottle, and not the outside and external situations. 

So, often we think that it’s because of the external situations that cause harm to our internal stage, but that’s not really the case. It’s actually because we don’t know how to handle the internal storm that rises, we get so affected by the slightest of turbulence in our outside world.

That’s one lesson we can learn from a bottle cap. We gotta strengthen our understanding to such an extent that nobody else can dictate what we should feel like and when we should feel like it. The remote controller of our life should always be in our hands.


Life lesson #2: Don’t Limit Yourself

Now, if I just change the vision, the entire meaning will change. The previous lesson is to not let the outer circumstance disrupt our inner environment. This lesson is about not letting the bottle cap act as a barrier to excellence

Sometimes when we feel really strongly towards doing something that may go against the status quo, we often limit and inhibit ourselves from bursting open to express who we really are. It can be because of fear, doubt, or embarrassment, or a combination of them. 

We consciously or unconsciously place a cap on ourselves which acts as a hindrance to achieving what we can actually achieve. The lesson is to not let this become another handicap. You gotta let your inner energy come out(or you might implode if you try to keep it all in).

All these bottle caps that are metaphorically holding up your true potential can only be removed by understanding. No amount of force or power can help you remove them, because they don’t really exist in reality. They only exist in our minds.

So, stop bothering so much over what the people say and just do what you love doing and feel alive doing. People either bloat their ego when society sides with them or get paranoid when they turn against them. You simply have to be above both of these states and just do your thing with all your heart, mind, and soul.

Make no mistake, they both are a kind of mental ca. If you are not crazy about people’s validation, then you will also not fear their rejection. So, instead of proving something to someone, make it your purpose to express who you are, unfiltered.


Life Lesson #3: To Quench your Thirst, Open the Cap

Damn, this one is getting poetic. 

If you wanna satisfy your thirst, then you have to unscrew the bottle to drink what’s inside it. 

Likewise in life too, if you wanna quench your thirst for fulfilling your deep-rooted desires like living your best possible life and becoming totally and absolutely free from anything and everything, you have to let what’s inside you come out of you. If you don’t open the cap for too long, then even what’s inside the bottle will start to rot and become inedible.

You can’t let that happen. Act like a passage that facilitates free-flowing energy using your body as a means, instead of trying to limit and curb the flow of it. If you act like a hindrance, the very energy that was meant to work in favor of you, will start becoming stale and would melt you from the inside, deteriorating your core. You don’t want that to happen. Trust me.


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But, wait, that’s I am not done yet. I am not gonna limit this party to just myself, so I want you guys too to come up with any object and your observations regarding what you can learn from it. You can email me your response at [email protected], just make sure to add the relevant subject “Learn from Anything: …..”, fill in the dotted line with whatever object you chose and I will add your response in this series, provided that it’s amazing.

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