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Become Unstoppable (In the Truest Sense)


So, what do I mean by being unstoppable? Does it mean to start pestering everyone non-stop? Or does it mean that keep doing something tirelessly without thinking anything? Will it make us superhumans or something?

Well, before I answer any of that, let me start by telling you a small story about two friends.

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A Small Fable

Once in an estranged village, lived two friends, Sam and Am. Not just your Facebook friends, but real friends, the best of friends. Friends who eat together, play together, and laugh together.

Now, one day they went a tad too far from their home and got lost in the woods nearby. They had no idea what to do and started panicking.

They couldn’t find anyone in the woods as it started getting darker. All of a sudden Sam heard a sharp scream of Am. It turned out that Am had fallen into a well. Sam got terrified. He didn’t have the wildest clue of what was he supposed to do, as any normal 9yr old kid.

He kept on looking for someone around, he screamed, he searched around, but to no avail. Am was horror-stricken and started crying which was making Sam even more apprehensive. Very soon both the boys realized that they were on their own, and to reach home, they gotta figure something out.

Suddenly Sam saw a bucket lying down nearby. He managed to find some rope—attached it with the bucket—and threw it down the well. He gave everything he could to pull his friend out of the well and kept on trying and failing and trying and again failing. But this didn’t stop him, because he knew he had to get his friend out no matter what.  

And ultimately, lo and behold, he managed to rescue his friend out of the well after countless attempts. They reunited and started crying and hugging each other. Now they were a bit afraid with the thought of the potential reprimanding they would get from their parents when they would tell them about their little fable of joy, fear, and courage.

When they went back to their homes, to much of their surprise, nobody in the village believed that a 9yr old will have the energy to pull out an 11yr old from a well and they dismissed their ‘fictional’ story.

But there was this one old man, one of the wisest in the village, who heard their story and believed them. Since all the people generally believe what he said, they were awestruck on hearing that he believed in the kids.

So, they decided to quench their curiosities themselves, and confronted the old guy and asked him what’s really going on? The old guy smiled and said, “what is there to ask, the boys told the story pretty loud and clear.”

But the people look confused to which he replied:

“The question is not How he was able to pull his friend, the question is WHY was he able to do it.” It still wasn’t clear to them, and they got more excited to hear the answer. He said, “the only answer to this question is that there was nobody there to tell the child that he can’t do it!”

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You, “You can’t do it”

Napoleon Hill has also famously said, “The number one reason people fail is that they listen to their family, friends, and relatives.”

Had someone been there with that little boy, chances are that they would have already discouraged him from taking any action on his own, and he wouldn’t have even tried doing anything at all.

Now, what if we guys too somehow stop listening to all those voices which limit our potential and do nothing but belittle and doubt us, then what will happen? It’d be amazing, right? Just like that kid, you too will throw that bucket of dreams down the well and pull out your greatest desires and success just like that. Ultimately, you will become UNSTOPPABLE.

Now, all this sounds good on paper, but it isn’t gonna be all sunshine and rainbows.

For that to happen, you will have to first break the wall formed by the opinions of others, and then there’s another wall that is even bigger and stronger than that one; it is the wall of your own beliefs. The latter wall is harder to break, obviously.

become unstoppable

Question them all to Become Unstoppable

So, let’s start with the easier task. TO stop listening to all the noises that criticize you or demoralize you or stop you from doing what you want.

In that story, there was nobody near the child to tell him otherwise, but in reality, it is generally not the case. We barely even think of doing something, and a hundred people already start convincing us why it’s a bad idea. What does a man gotta do in such a situation?

You can neither shut their mouths nor lock your own ears because they are not strangers, they are your own people. So, instead of staying mum or fighting back, simply ask them a short question, “WHY?”. Things get interesting from here.

More than 90% of people won’t have an answer to it. They would just keep on saying what they have been saying because they won’t have the faintest idea of what to say to your question. If they would even have an answer, it will be so funny the majority of times that you won’t be able to hold your laughter.


Listen Too

Then there remains the 10% who would have a genuine answer. You gotta listen patiently to what they have to say and then take the final decision yourself factoring in everything. This 10% of people may play an important role in shaping your decision.

Also, you must have heard the saying,” A stupid man doesn’t learn from his experiences, an average man learns from his mistakes, and a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

And since obviously life isn’t long enough for you to personally make all the mistakes first and then learn from it, it’s generally better to learn from the mistakes of others.

Most of the time when a person says that “it can’t be done” or “it is impossible”, then they are actually talking about their own potential, not yours. So, don’t get swayed by them too easily. Just because they don’t know how to do it, or they weren’t able to do it; they start thinking that no one else can do it too. But that’s not the case.


The Bigger Sin

To make someone suffer is a sin, but to let others make you suffer is an even bigger sin.

People who shatter your hopes and dreams are sinning because sometimes hope is the only thing a person can cling to. But on the other hand, if someone is undermining your courage and challenging your hopes and desires and you let them belittle you, then you are committing an even bigger sin by giving them the power to control you.

So, you neither have to stay silent nor you have to start arguing, you just have to start a simple question, “Why”. When you completely understand this, then you will be impervious to what people have to say, and with this, you will shatter that first wall to become Unstoppable.

Now only one person can stop you from getting what you want. YOU, yourself, and this wall is a hundred times bigger and stronger than the previous one.

SO often all of us start blaming the situations, people, and challenges. We blame everyone but ourselves for our failures. We literally can either be the biggest roadblock or the strongest boosters to our own success. Choose wisely.

But the question arises, why would someone knowingly stop herself from achieving success? There is no question that one would never do anything knowingly to hurt oneself.

So then what is the basic difference between people who knowingly or unknowingly are their own best friends and hence are successful and those who are knowingly or unknowingly their very own biggest enemy and are unsuccessful?

This question has pestered me for quite a lot of time, but one day I finally found the answer.



I was in a park, and suddenly it started raining. Everyone rushed under a tree to find some shade while placing a hand over their head to keep themselves from getting wet. I also went there. Everyone had their hands facing down, trying to cover themselves from the rain that was being poured from the sky when suddenly I saw a little girl.

The only difference was, she didn’t try to cover herself, instead, she extended her hand with her palm facing up, trying to collect as much water as she can and started drinking it. That’s when it clicked on me.

become unstoppable

You see, when it rains from the sky, it rains the same way for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, white or black, fat or thin, tall or short, beautiful or ugly.

Similarly, there is this gigantic cloud of energy that is keeping this universe together. This is not any mystical or science fiction concept, it is purely scientific. Our bodies are nothing but matter and energy. At any given moment, roughly 20 watts of energy course through our bodies, which is enough to light a bulb. Check out this article to verify that I am not bullshitting.

You can call this God, nature, supreme intelligence, or energy; it doesn’t matter. And just like the rain that is being dispensed on all of us, this energy too is being bestowed upon all of us. This energy isn’t partial towards one particular section of society. It rains on all of us in a completely unbiased manner.

The only difference is that most of us have knowingly or unknowingly umbrellaed ourselves which is depriving them of this energy and only a few, just like that little girl, have extended their arms with their palm facing up, and are collecting this energy wholeheartedly.

So, even though that energy is all around us in equal amounts, most of us are unable to tap into this energy. This energy is doing all the work, but the credit goes to the person utilizing this energy. 99.9% of the functions of the body are not in our control. It is this very energy that is allowing us to breathe, digest our food, and make our hearts beat.


Wait, there’s More

I haven’t even told you the best thing yet.

Those people, who have this invisible umbrella around themselves, which is depriving them of this energy can very easily come out of this bubble and experience the magic. The thing is we never really had any kind of bubble around us when we were kids. By default, our hands were similar to that of the little girl.

But as we grew up, some developed this bubble, and some remained the way they were as kids. Those who developed the bubble are unsuccessful and those who didn’t are successful. So, does anyone know what is that one thing that we all used to do a thousand times a day as kids, but now have stopped doing it altogether?


QUESTIONING will help you become Unstoppable!

As kids, we used to question anything and everything. But today we don’t have the patience to wait and ask ourselves why we are doing what we are doing. We don’t pay any attention whatsoever to what’s truly important. And without paying attention, you can’t change anything.

You can browse the entire history and look for yourself the key difference between successful and unsuccessful people. The former doesn’t have better answers, they have better questions. Einstein too said,” I have no special talent, I am just passionately curious.”

Unless you start asking the right questions, you can’t expect the right answers to just pop out of the mud. You gotta sow the seed of the right question. Richard Feynman also said,” I’d rather have questions that can’t be answered than have answers that can’t be questioned.”

But in today’s time, we don’t have the patience to stay with a question for long enough, we just want quick answers and instant gratification.

If everyone says you are unlucky, then you gotta ask yourself, “what can I do to become ‘lucky’?”

If everyone taunts you that you failed, then you gotta ask yourself, “can one even win without failing?”

If the world tells you that this can’t be done, then you gotta question yourself, “Why can’t it be done?”

people will think

Know What You Are Doing

Whatever you do in life, doesn’t matter how small or how big, you should be absolutely clear as to why you are doing it. If you have a very strong “why” for what you are doing, then there will be no mountain big enough for you to surmount. If you don’t have a “why”, then you are doing it just for the heck of it.

People who know why they are doing what they are doing, have faith in their work, unlike people who don’t know. The other category of people has superstitions. There is a very fine line between faith and superstition because of which sometimes we go into a delusional world.

The biggest example of this is the Law of Attraction(LOA). This is already a controversial topic, but hey, it isn’t gonna stop me from speaking my heart out about it.

If you ask me whether this works, then my answer is YES, it does, but not the way you think. In scientific lingo, it is called the law of cause and effect, and in spirituality, it is known as the law of karma. But there is a whole lot of people who misinterpret this law as some fantasy wish-granting machine, which is BS.


The Real Meaning of LOA

People think this is the modern version of Aladdin’s lamp, where the genie is gonna be available for you 24/7, and all you have to do is order your wishes for the day, and the universe will perform a magic trick and hand you your desire in a silver platter.

Well, it is an interesting plot but is far from reality. I can also start imagining ranking no. 1 on Google search page and having millions of hits on my website, but I don’t. Instead, I use the law to improve my writing skills because if I get excited with the rankings and the hits, then I won’t be able to concentrate on the writing, which is the main deal.

No guys, you are not gonna get a Ferrari by drawing its painting and hanging it in your wardrobe. You are definitely not gonna get it just by thinking about it all day long. I am not saying it’s impossible, but the probability isn’t really exciting.

You can do all kinds of things, like imagining yourself driving a brand-new Ferrari along the beachside, but still, it isn’t gonna just drop out of the sky like that. All this sounds great in theory. It feels good to believe that a person can wield such magical powers just by altering their thinking. And just because of this “feel-good” emotion, so many people have made it their sole business to exploit people by making them feel good.

Most of these feel-good, fluffy talks are far from reality. We want them to be true, and because of that, we ignore what is the actual truth.

Take an example, let’s say you have a job in XYZ company, and you have taken a loan from the bank.

Now you have two choices, one is to work with your heart and soul and earn money diligently to pay off the loan. The other option is to think day and night that the bank will magically waive off your loan.

Which choice feels more enticing? The latter one.

This is the reason we fall for such people who make a fool out of us because they tell us what we want to listen to and not the truth. And only a handful of people have the balls to accept the truth as it is.

become unstoppable

Another Instance to Make Things Clear

Let me give you another instance of two boys. They both are 20yrs old and they both have a deep desire to have an Audi.

Now one of them writes about it in his diary, puts up posters of the car all around his room, thinks about it day and night, and before sleeping he imagines that he has got the car and is driving it. The other boy also has this desire, but his approach was a bit different. He just asked a simple question. “Why?”, “Why do I need this car?”

Most people, like I said before, have given up questioning totally which is why they are just doing things.  But he was different, when he asked the question, he got the answer.

He concluded that he wanted the car to show the entire world that he can be successful too. That was the sole reason. So, he questioned again, “Why do I want to prove the world?”

He got the answer, “because everyone is working this way.” He then asked one more question, “Why is everyone doing this?” And the answer struck him, “Everyone is doing this because everyone else is doing this.”

He decided then and there only that he neither wanted to be a part of this rat race nor did he want to prove how successful he can be to anyone. He just wanted to do what his heart says and instead of desiring a car, he decided that he will chase his work which will make an impact on this world.


The Analysis

Now let’s analyze the potential futures of both of them after 10 yrs.


The first Boy:

Case 1: He didn’t get his Desired Car

What will happen? He will be heartbroken and completely morose because he was so confident with the way he practiced the law of attraction that he was sure he will get his dream car. His confidence has become almost zero, his self-esteem too has taken a massive hit, and he has become a walking coffin of his own soul.


Case 2: He didn’t get an Audi, but he got a basic car

 Now what? Will he be happy? No way in hell. He magnified his desire so much that he won’t settle for anything less than an Audi.

He will remain restless until he gets what he wants, and since he wants his dream car so desperately, he will be ready to do any and every kind of work, even if that means compromising on his ethics or his morals or principles. Evidently, he is caging himself in a prison of his own desires.


Case 3: He got his dream car

Will he be happy? Sure. Will that happiness last? Nope.

He won’t waste another second of his life and would think that if he can get an Audi, then tomorrow he can have his own bungalow too. His greed will grow many folds. HE will have everything but still, instead of savoring what he has got, he will be more focused on what all can he get tomorrow.

Can he ever live a life filled with peace and happiness? Not at all.

His condition will be like that of a donkey with a carrot dangling in front of him all the time. He will keep on running the entire time looking at the next big prize and not recognizing that he already has everything he needs.

The sole reason for this condition is that he is not happy with the work he is doing, but with the rewards that come along the way.


Now comes the second boy:

Case #: He didn’t get an Audi

Will he be happy? Of course. His happiness lies in the work he is doing and as long as he is happy with his work, the external circumstances aren’t gonna add or take away his peace.

He is not excited about what he may get tomorrow but about what he is doing today. SO, it doesn’t really matter to him whether he gets his dream car or not. He will be happy either way. Now, this doesn’t mean he would reject luxury.

If he is successful in his work, he will automatically get what he deserves, and he will be pretty happy with it. The point to be noted here is that Audi isn’t his source of motivation, unlike the first guy and that makes all the difference. 

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And the biggest difference between the two?

The first boy will always live in fear. The fear of either losing what he has or not getting what he wants in the future. On the other hand, the second boy will live fearlessly because his happiness depends not on materialistic things but his work. So, even if he loses everything he has, he will still walk with his head held high.

The first boy will be willing to do any kind of work to fulfill his never-ending desires, whereas the second boy will be willing to sacrifice anything to keep doing his work.

Don’t be under the misconception that just because the second boy doesn’t desire materialistic things, he would get less than the first boy. Truth be told, no matter how much the first boy gets, he is actually no different than a beggar—all they know is to ask for things from others.

So even if he gets what he so desires, he will only get as far as he can think of, while the other boy, the day he starts receiving things without even asking for it—it will be something which no one could even imagine of in their wildest of dreams.


That’s the Real Essence of this Law

Use this law to become better at your work. Think, live, and breathe your work all day long, and you will get everything you can imagine of. Listening and doing what your heart says is probably the noblest and religious thing you can do.

When you start working from your heart, you won’t have any greed for getting super successful, nor will you fear failure, and you will truly become UNSTOPPABLE!

Once you truly start walking down this path, then it doesn’t matter whether it’s one roadblock or a thousand, they won’t be able to so much as touch you let alone stop you.



When you rise above greed and fear, you attain the state of being UNSTOPPABLE.

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