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Tap the Power Of Desire to Transform your Life


If I have to tell you about the biggest, the strongest, and the most impactful power there is in this universe, then it is the Power of Desire. It is the power of desire only that can make one’s mind wander here and there. The desire for pleasure. The whole world is running after a desire of some kind or the other. The desire of doing something, the desire of becoming something, the desire of getting something, the desire of achieving something, the desire to not lose what you have, the desire to avoid pain.

Can you imagine what will happen if one hypothetically wipes out all the desires of any kind from every person in this world? The world will probably come to a halt. Everyone on this planet has some kind of desire and one can’t possibly subdue the power of desire that comes with it.

Once a desire firms its place in our minds then you can’t even imagine the power it brings with itself. The power of desire is what makes us push our boundaries, widen our potentials, and make us reach new heights. But it’s this very power of desire only that becomes the reason for one’s downfall and all the hardships one may have to face in life.

The power of desire is so strong that you won’t have to do anything, the desire itself will make you do the work for you. This is precisely why it becomes all the more important for us to choose our desires wisely. The right desire will make our lives, and the wrong ones can totally shatter us too.


Choose your Desires Wisely

First, we choose our desires, and then it’s the power of desire that does the rest of the job. If the desire is big enough—doesn’t matter if the thing is right or wrong—then it will generate pools of energy big enough in you to complete what you intend to do.

power of desire

Likewise, if the desire isn’t big enough, then it isn’t gonna be enough to make you move a muscle which will lead to inaction and laziness. All the thoughts one has, it is based on what his desires are. Your thinking is based on whatever your underlying desires are in your life which is why it becomes imperative to choose desires intelligently.

Now if you wanna alter your thinking, then you gotta change the source of it aka Desires. Once you change your desires, your thoughts will change. The minute your thoughts change, your actions will change. And as you change your actions, your life will change. Simple.

If someone’s desire only is to just scrape out a living somehow, then you can imagine the kind of thoughts that would be floating around in his mind. His actions aren’t gonna be worth more than his thoughts. His desire will keep him from crossing that threshold that he formed in his mind.

So, it’s kinda a no-brainer that if our desires have the potential to change our lives and this whole world, and you alone have the power to choose them for yourselves, then it only makes sense to choose a desire that exceeds your own wildest imagination. Let me give it to you in one line.

Big Desires-> Big Thoughts-> Big Energy->Big Actions

Needless to say, the bigger your actions are gonna be, the better are the chances that you are gonna do something worthwhile with your life.

Desires Shape your Life

Whatever anyone is doing in this world, it is not them who are doing it, it is their desires that are making them do what they are doing. Some are doing magnanimous things because of their larger-than-life desires, while some are not because of their not so larger than life desires. 

Our desires are merely using us as an instrument to express themselves. Our jobs are only as far as choosing them and imbibing them wholeheartedly, the rest of the work is done by our desires. Such is the power of desire. And I haven’t even told you the best part yet. You can always change your desires at any given time.

Start today, in fact, start right now, don’t delay it till the next moment. Whatever your desires were, multiply them by 100 and label them as your brand new desire. The point being, if it’s up to us to choose, we might as well choose big. It’s harmless.

Our desires are like seeds. Once you sow a neem seed, then you can’t possibly expect mangoes in return. You are gonna reap what you sow. Sow the right seeds in your heart—your brain will automatically start taking instructions from it, and naturally, your body will follow.

Your heart will become the source of energy, extracted by the mind, and ultimately utilized by the body. It is of paramount importance to let the right kind of seeds sow into your heart, to produce the required energy.

positive thinking

The purpose or the desire that you choose needs to be bigger than anything you ever imagined, in fact, it needs to be bigger than you yourself if you ever wanna do something bigger than what you already are.

Look at any great leaders of the past. Their desire was bigger than their own life. They all stood for something so magnanimous that it was their desires only that made them achieve all the magical feats that once looked impossible.

The power of desire is so strong that it will make your heart, mind, & body act according to the stature of the desire itself. If it’s big enough, it will automatically do all the work for you and you won’t be able to stop it even if you want to, because such is the power of desire.


Don’t Sow the Wrong Seeds of Desires

Some people, knowingly or unknowingly, sow the wrong seeds. There are so many people out there who are rich but still miserable. The reason being that consciously or unconsciously, they sow the seeds of greed, materialistic utilities, name, fame, money, and so on.

Greedy people can never live in the present moment. They will always live in the future. Their “What more can I achieve” will trump their “What I have right now”. This is why more will never be enough. They will remain restless for all their lives because they will keep on running from one place to another trying to fill that infinite void they created because of the seed they sow.

They won’t be able to do what they actually want out of the fear of losing what they earned. A desire as simple as “Doing something good for the world, or making someone’s life better” is enough to get you moving. If one keeps on thinking just about himself all his life, then he is no different than the other animals. That’s what our edge over other animals is—out of the box thinking

We can develop our thinking and if this gift of intelligence is not put to use for the greater good then what good is it gonna do.  Unfortunately, it is our very own desires that have put us below the level of animals today. The desire for pleasures.

It is the power of desires only that has made us a liability to the world. These desires are making people do things they don’t want to do—they are unable to come out of this trap because they are so badly strangulated by the pleasures. These desires have become bad habits and it isn’t gonna be a walk in the park to break the pattern unless they change their desires.

Beware of the desire for pleasures.

So what kind of desire should one plant to come out of this whole web? Well, simple. “To make myself so competent that I can be an asset to the people around me, my society, my country, and this world.” You can only do good for someone else, once you do good to your own self first. If you don’t have enough resources to support yourself, then you can’t possibly help someone else.

Hence, first, make yourself strong enough to be able to give a helping hand to others. Once this desire becomes strong enough, then the power of desire will automatically make you do the work.  Doesn’t matter how much pain you are going through, since the desire is so big, it will eventually make you smash all the obstacles in the way. Even you yourself won’t be able to stop yourself if you want to.

Such is the power of desire.


Final Thoughts

Whatever field you choose, be it a doctor, lawyer, engineer, architect, or entrepreneur—always strive to put in the kind of effort no one has ever even dreamt of. If that becomes your core desire—to do everything you can do to be the best version of yourself—then that’s when you are actually putting the power of desire to the right use.

And once you live like that, the feeling you are gonna get will be something beyond anything that you have experienced yet, which can’t be expressed in words. You will be able to experience every waking second of your life and live a life full of excitement, exuberance, and elation. The fact that you can make someone’s life better in any way possible is probably the biggest gift you can give to yourself.

Just imagine your work inspiring someone in some corner of the world—people changing the way they think because of your actions—children looking up to you as their role models, and above everything else, the sense of pride and satisfaction you will experience will be worth it.

The more you let this desire grow in you, the more energy you will get to do the things the world labeled as “Impossible”. You will become competent enough to change the definition of impossible by making them possible by focusing on your work.




The Bigger your Desires are the Bigger your Life Becomes.

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