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3 Essential Life Lessons Everyone Needs to Learn from a Pen


Get ready for a series of articles that are about to blow your mind. I have hand-picked 6 daily usage items/machines (namely Air conditioner, Cap, Shoe, Pen, Table, and Car) which we all can relate to very well, and have elaborated in detail what we all can and should learn from these items. This is part 5(of 6) of the “Learn from Everything” Series.

If you think about it, that’s what a learning attitude is all about at the end of the day. If you have it in you, you can learn from any and every goddamn thing in life

You can learn from good people and you can learn from bad people, you can learn from good situations and you can learn from bad situations, you can learn from the positive and you can learn from the negative, you can learn from successes and you can learn from failures, you can learn from other people and you can learn from yourself, you learn from the living and you can definitely learn from the nonliving.

And, that’s exactly what we are gonna do. So, let’s get the party started.


What can we Learn from a Pen?


Life Lesson #1: Your Life is Limited, don’t waste it

Just like every pen is gonna run out of ink someday or the other, every ‘body’ is also gonna perish one fine day. Your time is limited, so the foremost lesson to learn from a pen is to stop wasting your life doing meaningless, baseless, and futile things.

Save your ink to write more meaningful and impactful chapters in your life, instead of wasting your ink away that’s deteriorating and eating your life away. 

Consider ink as a substitute for time. Just like you have limited ink, you have limited time. Now, I know ink is only consumed when it’s actually used, but that’s not the case with time, it keeps on going and doesn’t really wait for anyone. But let’s just consider for my sake, that the ink is also dripping 24*7, so what are you gonna do now?

Simply sit back and watch the ink-drops staining the table? Because that’s what most of us are doing with our time; they are literally sitting back comfortably staring into the abyss, relishing as the time slips right in front of them. 

Or do you wanna use that ink to write something that has never been written before in the history of humankind? Why not strive to write something that completely boggles the shit out of the reader’s mind till eternity? In fact, forget about impressing others, how about simply writing something that you can be actually proud of?

When the ink is about to end, or the time of your life is about to run out, you should be able to look back and say “I lived my best life possible and I have no regrets.” Now, that will be something worth aiming for.

The choice is simple and yours to make. 


Life Lesson #2: Don’t postpone your Happiness 

Just like the pen can break or simply stop working at times all of a sudden, our lives too can come to a halt at any given moment. Now, I am not trying to scare you or asking you to live every moment under the shadow of fear, in fact, the contrary.

If you don’t really know when you are gonna leave this heavenly planet, then why on earth would you ever try to postpone your happiness to tomorrow? Stop playing the “I will become happy when x,y,z things happen” game.

This is your greatest moment as it can be your last one, so make it count. If you can give in your everything at this particular moment and be satisfied with it in such a way that even if you are not around the very next moment, you won’t have any scruples left, then that’s gonna be one hell of a story to read about.

People who are afraid the most of death are the people who have never really lived their life to their fullest. Those who never really wrote anything meaningful with their pen are the ones who fear the most about their ink running out.


Life Lesson #3: Forget about the Past

Another lesson to learn from a pen is that, since it can run out any time due to a number of reasons, your entire focus should be on what you are writing at this very moment.

You don’t wanna be remembered for something you did 10 yrs ago. So many people are living in the past, they either can’t stop gushing about the great victory they had or keep rambling about the vicious failure they went through. Both of these paths are stupid.

When any moment can be your last moment of life, then you gotta do everything you can to make this very moment the best moment of your life, as simple as that. Every moment should raise the standard, uplift the bar, and elevate the benchmark.

A pen indeed is mightier than a sword.


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But, wait, that’s I am not done yet. I am not gonna limit this party to just myself, so I want you guys too to come up with any object and your observations regarding what you can learn from it. You can email me your response at [email protected], just make sure to add the relevant subject “Learn from Anything: …..”, fill in the dotted line with whatever object you chose and I will add your response in this series, provided that it’s amazing.


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