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Sound Of Silence Meditation (No one is talking about it!)


Ok, so the ideal way to go ahead is to maintain some silence, clear your mind and listen to the sound of silence to maximize the benefits. Oh, and in case you are wondering what is this sound all about, here you go: 

Now the interesting part is that you don’t actually need to hear this sound through any external video/audio. I presented that video just to let you feel what this sound actually sounds like. This sound is inside all of us. Yes, you heard me. Every living creature on this planet has this sound.

And in case you are wondering how you too can experience this sound, then just read this article on meditation. It really drives me crazy how come no one is talking about this phenomenal truth. But hey, better late than never.  


This Sound of Silence is Everywhere

You might not hear it sometimes due to other noises that keep on revolving in your tiny little head, but it still keeps on running in the background. It never dies. It will stay with you forever till your dying breath.

Everything else is temporary; people, thoughts, bodies, and objects, all can and do change. Not this. This DOES NOT CHANGE! In fact, this is the thing that would remain in my articles as well; sometimes in disguise and sometimes directly (like now).

If you ask me about the truth or the supreme reality, the source of all the creation, the thing that makes the mind peaceful, the thing that can end all the suffering in one’s life, the thing that can end all the torment in the world, the thing that can actually help us conquer ourselves, the thing that can make a person absolutely fearless, it’s this SOUND OF SILENCE.

Biggest Secret Of Humanity

The biggest secret of humanity is this sound which is ubiquitous and imperishable. This sound is closer to you than you are to yourself.

Every enlightened person in history has talked about this sound only, just in different shapes and forms. Even every religion and scriptures point towards this sound only.

When they say things like God is inside you—listen to your inner voice—God is inside everyone—God is everywhere; ever wondered what are they actually talking about? It is nothing but this sound only. You can understand all the scriptures just like that if you relate them with this sound.

Actually, we are calling it a sound, but is it actually a sound?  What actually makes a sound? Two hands clap and there is a sound; but what is the sound of one hand?

sound of silence is similar to sound of a clap made by a single hand

So whenever two objects strike together it makes a sound, be it water and water, water and air, air and object. And every sound is temporary, except this.

Then comes the question of how can we label it as a ‘sound’ because no two objects are getting struck here. So technically we can’t label it as a sound. But can we call it ‘silence’ then? No. Why? Because there is a sound coming.



The thing is that they both are opposite of each other, where there is sound there can’t be silence and vice versa.

But if you observe closely the definition of sound has changed for you guys. Because even when for the world there’s no sound; there’s one for you. Consequently, this is a mixture of both, so it’s better to call it the sound of silence, savvy?

People who didn’t hear this sound would think of me as a madman or something, but for those who have heard this, they know what I am talking about.


Subtle Indications of Sound of Silence

Now, let me give you some clipping from various scriptures and holy texts, and let’s see if you can spot something interesting in it or not.

In the beginning, was Prajapati (the creator),
with Him was the Vak (the word),
And the Vak (the word) was verily the
Supreme Brahman.
– Vedas

In the beginning, was the word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.
– Bible

He is the Immutable, the Supreme and the Self-Luminous,
And knowing Him one transcends death; there is no
other way to freedom…
He is to be realized in the cave that shines.
– Kaivalaya Upanishad

Like the butter hidden in milk, the Pure Consciousness
resides in every being. That ought to be constantly
churned out by the churning rod of the mind.
– Amritbind Upanishad

All Devas (Gods) have their adobe in me (Vak or Word), and I look after each one of them. I am the efficient and the material cause of the very creation and I am sustaining the same. I am Knowledge and Enlightenment.
– Rig Veda (Vak Devi)

I (Vak or Word) am the Creator of all regions and the demons and I am all-pervading like the Pranas or vital airs in all forms and bodies. I occupy all space and girdle the Universe in the form of ether. In fullness I exist here, there, and everywhere, beyond the earth and sky with hosts of solar systems; and by the power of my inherent nature, they have assumed all forms and all colors.
– Atharva Veda (Vak Devi)

Can you witness a pattern? The thing that is common in all of these quotes is the truth, which is nothing but the Sound of Silence itself. There are many more:

The Turks, Kurds, Parsis, Goans, and Arabs,
They have all known It without the aid of lips and ears.
Rise above thy mental horizon, O brave soul,
And listen to all calls of Music coming from above.
– Maulana Jalauddin Rumi

An unceasing Sound is floating down from heaven,
I wonder how ye are engaged in pursuits of no avail.
– Hafiz

Close thy outgoing faculties,
And hear the eternal Melody.
– Sant Kabir

Intriguing isn’t it? I know. Like I said before, every enlightened person in the past, talked about this sound only just in different ways and used different analogies. But people didn’t look where they were pointing their fingers and instead held onto their fingers themselves.


Ultimate Happiness

Now in my basic meditation article, I talked about the inner sound and all. But there I didn’t precisely specify the benefits of meditation in your day-to-day life.

Basically, we all wanna be happy. It’s not a desire or a want; it’s a basic need for every human. Like we all need oxygen to live, similarly, our body and our mind need happiness. 

Now the problem with it is that people are looking for happiness in temporary things. They work a job they don’t like all year just to get that one vacation for a week, where he can justify his working hard.

Many go after materialistic things, thinking it would make them happy; bigger houses, bigger cars, better mobile, building a lavish lifestyle which literally has no end.

sound of silence can help you understand the real value of money

Some go after people thinking being in their company would make them happy but you again go back to the normal state when you are not with them, or even worse, the person who used to make you happy has now changed and is pestering you now.

Now you are looking to get rid of the very same person who you were crazy for. The kind of happiness I am talking about is to remain happy wherever you are, whenever you want, indefinitely. The permanent kind of happiness; independent of situations, people, or objects.

And for this, we are gonna need to have something that doesn’t change. One that doesn’t leave us till we die. One which is INFINITE. Well, it is the SOUND itself.

So here goes;


 The Top 10 Benefits of Meditation 



#1 Increase in Concentration/Focus

It has been found that meditation has resulted in an increase in concentration and the ability to focus. Just by listening to the sound of silence, you can bring a major improvement in your daily chores.

Some students also do this but unknowingly. They listen to some low bass music with low beats while studying. The logic behind it is simple, the attention that was erupting in every direction became concentrated in a single place.

So now you just got two places to put your concentration at, music and study, where earlier it used to be a hundred and twelve places.

sound of silence helps improve concentrationYou don’t want your brain to smoke up like this, do you?

Similar is the thing with the sound of silence (only improved). It contains neither beats nor lyrics. This will grab your attention from all the emotions and feelings and help you quintessence it in one place.

Metaphorically, this helps you keep your magnifying glass at one place where you wanna light a fire as opposed to letting it move in all directions to no avail.


#2 Increase in Observation Power

People have started observing things around them by taking a small pause. Earlier you used to be tangled in your mind only 24/7.

Now you may start observing nature and may even start appreciating its exquisite beauty when you would go on your morning walk. Why is it happening? Because you are calm and composed from the inside.

There won’t be a whole lot of people in the park, completely hypnotized and mesmerized in nature and feeling the oneness—looking at the clouds, listening to the rain striking the ground, feeling the subtle touch of the cool morning breeze grazing your face, touching the towering trunk of trees, hearing the birds twittering, smelling the sweet aroma of the wet mud.

sound of silence helps you acknowledge the beauty of natureOh my! Something just like this.

This is actually our very basic nature, to stay peaceful and passive.

We are all like the silent and still water of the ocean, where sometimes we become a wave to chase objects, and when we achieve it, we think the object made us happy.

Not quite so. It is actually that you became stable again and returned to the basic nature that made you joyful in the first place. 

So now you must be wondering if we should just completely stop going after things? Well, NO!. Don’t chase objects, chase the best version of yourself. Strive to be better in anything and everything.

People don’t think like this. They go like, ok “I will go get this job, earn more and money, get x,y,z things to impress the people and society” and that’s it. Now that’s a trap because they will try to find their happiness in materialistic things.

On the other hand, the one who has understood this trap will be like, “ok I will strive to be the best in my field, but not just to earn money, but fulfill my need and provide a well-to-do lifestyle for my family.”

Don’t misunderstand me when I say stop chasing materialistic things. I don’t intend to say that stop earning money. NOO! It’s very important. But only as important as the petrol in the car. To survive.


#3 Living in the Present Moment

This increases our awareness, multiple folds which is such a big thing for anybody to happen. The world is either living in the past, lamenting, or in the future, flustering.

Living in the present is the need of the hour. And what exactly did you do to achieve this? That’s the best part, absolutely nothing. It’s the sound of silence that did whatever needed to be done.


#4 Getting Lesser Thoughts

 Meaning that your mind is not filled up to the brim, overflowing with useless and utterly baseless thoughts. Instead, it’s getting occupied with creative, innovative, positive, passionate, and loving thoughts.

And this goes without saying but still, the man who changes his thoughts changes his life, for better or worse. 


#5 More Control over Anger

 Why do we get angry? When we want something to happen in a certain way but it doesn’t go as planned then most people get angry.

So, when our baseless desires diminish, our acceptance increases. Because ultimately it is not gonna matter what you want, the world isn’t gonna run according to you. The more the flower of intelligence blossoms the less angry we get.

sound of silenceI know it’s not a flower, but you got the point?

We start understanding that there are two things going on in our lives. First is, the things where we can change them, so we act full throttle. Second is, we know we can’t do anything here, so we accept them.

And knowing the difference between the two is called WISDOM!

Like this, once we aggravate our understandings about life, anger becomes a thing of the past. Moreover, repeating this serenity prayer once a day can work wonders.

Now again, don’t misunderstand this with weakness. It doesn’t mean anyone from the outside comes and beat you to death, and you go like, “oh I am peaceful, I am infinite.” No. That’s BS!

Spirituality is all about taking the right action at the right time, spontaneously. You act with full honesty and also side by side acknowledge the fact that the ultimate outcome is not in my hands.


#6 Better Understanding of Relationships

Another one is that slowly we can start empathizing with the partner who is in any kind of relationship with you, ultimately leading to a peaceful and joyful relationship.

We will start seeing things from their point of view and also start acknowledging the fact that had I been in his/her position I would have done the exact same thing.

The day we develop this kind of understanding, our relationship will be in its best shape achievable. And the fun part is, the day we accept our partner as it is, he/she will change themselves completely; because ultimately, we have changed completely.

sound of silence helps improve relationships


#7 Decrement in Futile Attachments

This is yet another one of the proven benefits of meditation. Since now we can become absolutely fearless, there’s almost nothing to which we can get attached. Especially, don’t get attached to meditation as I said in the preceding article which is very significant to understand.

Besides, meditation actually makes you realize that you are already free from everything and you don’t need to “un-attach” yourself by trying really hard. You just have to see it.


#8 Increase in Compassion and Love

 So, what’s love? Love and compassion, to put it in a single word is oneness. Like a mother and her son, they were one at some point. Completely. Literally.

Physically. So here she doesn’t have to try to love her son, because for her it’s her very own part. Here even the word ‘love’ can’t justify the depth of their relationship.

Similarly, the moment we understand deeply this concept of oneness; where we accept that every living being has in them what I have, the sound of silence; then even if you want you won’t be able to stop yourself from loving. This is the only thing that we can say for sure, that lies in every creature on this planet. Everything else is different but this.

When we start seeing people, not at their physical form, but at the thing that you also possess (the sound); when we see what’s in their heart, not the physical heart, but the source of everything, the very central point of beings, we will realize that we all are woven of a single enormous thread.

That would be the end of conflicts.

Waves come and go, but ultimately the thing that always remains constant is the water or the sound of silence.

sound of silenceYou are like this INFINITE water and not the limited waves

CONFLICTS arise when we confuse ourselves with those tiny waves and start looking at other waves and compare. All we gotta do is take a moment and look at what we all are ready-made up of.

“I am that supreme reality. We all ARE!”

It’s up to us what we believe. You can believe you are just a minuscule tiny wave in an infinite ocean. Or you can believe that you are what the entire ocean is made up of; water!


#9 Quitting of addictions like smoking and drinking

Of course! Kinda self-explanatory.


#10 Increase in Energy

 Your energy starts increasing multifold, that too effortlessly. Now it all depends on how one uses this energy. Whether it’s in improving himself in his work to become a better person in all spheres of life.


To waste his energy on the same old mundane tasks. You see, this is the real essence of meditation, to be absolutely aware of what’s happening to you, both inside and outside.

Viktor Frankl also said, “The space between a stimulus and response is YOUR potential to Improve.”  The more you meditate, the wider this space becomes, and the more power you hold over your actions.


 FAQs related to the Sound of Silence


Q1. What is the structure of the sound of silence?

It neither has any structure nor any form. It doesn’t have a name, and as I mentioned before, we can’t even technically call it a sound. Although we are calling it a sound, technically it’s wrong.

It is similar to sound but it is not a sound. So, there’s no exact definition of it. Even most of the scriptures haven’t given an exact description of it. They have just mentioned it as the supreme reality.

If you wanna see it from a scientific point of view, then you can call it the zero-point field, which according to quantum physics, contains infinite energy. But it’s still a theory.

Even if they prove it in the near future, they would consider it something different front us, like most people right now. The Vedanta and the scriptures have already mentioned that this sound is the real us.


Q2. Is this the sound of the blood circulating in my body?

  sound of silence

 Don’t worry, it’s not that intimidating. If you notice it clearly, you will observe that as the frequency increases the wavelength decreases. Savvy? If you keep on increasing the frequency, then there will come a point where the gap between the wavelengths will be almost negligible and a straight line will be formed.

The moment the line straightens, it becomes INFINITE.

Now comes the interesting part. Our ears can hear sounds whose frequencies vary from 20hz to 20000hz. If a solid will collide with another solid, it will give a low frequency.

And if a liquid strikes another liquid it will be somewhere in the middle. But the sound of silence is way past this. It has the highest frequency. Is it a belief or a fact that can be observed? Of course, it can be observed. Go and try to listen to the sounds of higher frequency, then try comparing them, and you will know. You will figure out automatically that its frequency is way past 20000hz.


Q3. Is there any difference between the sound of silence and tinnitus?

What is tinnitus?

Both tinnitus and the sound of silence look somewhat similar at the surface level.

But if you go to the depth of this, then you will see that this is a problem related to the ear or brain due to the exposure to loud sounds, whiplash, head injuries, too much ear wax, or medication side effects.

So, it’s quite clear that this is mainly due to exposure to high decibel sounds for a prolonged period of time. Also, the peak age of people suffering from this is 40-70yrs.

The sound of silence is the exact opposite. The more your age is, the lesser are the chances of you listening to this sound.

Kids can readily hear this sound. The more stress-related environment you work in, the higher are the chances of you experiencing tinnitus. The sound of silence is peaceful and the sound heard by tinnitus patients is cacophony.



The essence of Yoga and Exercises is to make your Body Fit and Mind Healthy so that you can ultimately Experience the Depth of this SILENCE.


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