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5 Things You Must DO Every Single Day


Without boring you to death by giving you a long ass intro, here are some things I personally believe that we all should be doing every day, without fail, to you know, live a happier and more fulfilled life.


1. Start your day with a Bang

The way you start your day will define the way you spend the rest of your day. If you start your day on a positive note, full of energy and a positive zeal, keeping a positive attitude, the chances of you spending the rest of your day with the same headspace skyrockets.

Now, I am nobody to tell you that you should wake up early in the morning at 5. I am nobody to tell you that you’d get a headstart at the start of the day, simply if you decide to start your day before the rest of the world. I am nobody to tell you that knocking out the essentials during your 5-9 will make your rest of the day much more creative and productive. I am nobody to tell you that waking up early just makes you more energetic and active in general.

Ok ok, jokes aside, but I genuinely am nobody to tell you what your body pattern is, and what would suit you better. You might be a night owl or an early riser. Nothing beats being self-aware of who you are and acting accordingly. 

All I am saying is that I thought I was a night owl until I started waking up at 5 in the morning, and boy was it amazing. I feel more aware, I feel more creative juices flowing through my body, I feel more productive. Heck, it’s 6:03 am right now when I am writing this article. 

I also practice oil pulling, which I also mentioned in my self-awareness article. It works like a charm. Again, not gonna exacerbate the innumerous benefits it comes with(you can have a glance here). 

Then I do some stretching on my rooftop. The combination of the Sun, the birds, the fresh chilled air, and stretching my body, gets me ready for the rest of the day. 

In no way, I am trying to tell you to copy the same. I am just giving my own example to let you know what I have been up to and how I activate my body and rejuvenate my mind. It has been working great. And now I am wondering why the hell didn’t I start it before!

So, you also need to find your ideal morning routine to help you get started. It could be anything, drinking hot lemon honey water, listening to affirmations, hitting the gym, perfecting your superman pose, eating nuts, listening to Kanye West, or a combination of them.

Whatever you choose, make sure they are making you more productive, and are energizing yourself instead of sucking your energy and making you even lazier. 

morning routine: things to do everyday

2. Watch something good

Just like you will never get a good final product if the raw materials you used were shit, your mind will never work efficiently if the information you are consuming is outdated, toxic, and unproductive.

News, celebrity and political gossip, hate speech, Instagram reels, fake reality shows, and so on. If that’s all you are consuming day and night, then it shouldn’t be a surprise to realize that you are not gonna make it. Ultimately, garbage in, garbage out.

Whatever you consume, in any shape, size, form, can only come out one way or the other. So it won’t take a genius to figure out what your life is gonna look like solely on the basis of what you consume. 

Needless to say, you have to consume something good every day. It’s not even a tip, it’s a prescription. 

Now, what is actually good?

Let’s put it this way, minus the bad, and everything left is good. But that’s not it. There are a ton of bad even in the good, so it needs further cleansing.

Let’s segregate the sea of good information out there into two parts: the mindset stuff and the skill stuff. One type of good information out there will help you align your thoughts, declutter your mind, inspire you, and shit like that. You know, just like my blog. Also known as the self-help stuff. For instance, I am affiliated with Mental Models which basically help you think rationally to live a better life.

The other kind of stuff is educational stuff which is aimed towards improving a very specific skill to boost your career or to earn more money and so on. For instance, I am an affiliate for the course The Art of Twitter which basically helps you start your online business and make $100/day. 

But the problem is that there is a myriad of such sources where you can find both of these contents. The quantity is no issue at all, it’s the quality that matters. So, keep some things in mind while choosing who to consume content from.

intake good content every day

A) Content is everything

Don’t form a bias based on someone’s background, color, ethnicity, nation, or anything. I have seen people with spectacular backgrounds who are committing fraud using their so-called ‘image’ as bait, and I have also seen nobodys from third-world countries delivering world-class content. 

So, don’t let the appearance fool you. I know we all form a bias based upon factors that don’t really matter but try to judge them on the basis of what they deliver, how they deliver, and the impact it has on your life. All in all, look at what they are teaching, instead of who is teaching.


B) Easily understandable

Look out for content that throws in a lot of jargon or complex notions whose sole purpose is to overwhelm you into believing that they know a lot more than you so you better listen to what they have to say. 

Well, as a content creator myself, I know in a heartbeat that if I am not able to explain things in a simple-go-easy manner, without any fancy definitions or bombastic words like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious(I love that word though), I haven’t probably understood it myself.

That’s why you’d find my articles pretty simple to digest. Almost anyone with a sane mind and the mental space to entertain new ideas can read and understand my articles pretty easily.

The best things in life are easy and simple to understand by almost everyone because they are the things everyone can relate with their own experiences, and that’s what matters. So, don’t waste time on content that leaves you more confused than you began. There will always be resources that explain the same thing in a simpler manner, keep this in mind.

Now, I know there are certain topics that might not be as straightforward as one might assume, like blockchain. So in such cases, you need to start with the very basic fundamentals. Elon also said you should start learning by first understanding the roots and the main trunk of the thing, instead of getting stuck in the branches. 

Also, you have to have patience while learning things. Don’t make it monotonous though. Diversify your learning methods. Try videos, audio, podcasts, articles, blogs, whatever you can get your hands on. And like I said before, there is no topic that you can’t understand. You just need to give it enough time and you’d be fine. 


C) Applicable in life

A no-brainer, isn’t it? If you can’t apply whatever you are learning, or whoever you are learning from in real life, then it’s all for nothing. It’d just be another source of entertainment only.

There is so much motivational content out there, full of platitudes and feel-good fluffy positive stuff whose sole aim is to give you an instant dopamine hit to feel good about yourself. Surely they will hook you up because they are saying what you want to listen but you’d go back to square one in no time. 

They might come in handy at times, but overindulging in such type of content can become addicting, just like social media or drugs

This is precisely why I steer clear from such type of content and instead dive as deep as I can to understand the root problem so that we can be done with it once and for all. 

Once you grab the idea I am presenting, and realize that it makes more sense than whatever notions you were currently holding onto, you’d automatically adapt them and bring a change in your thought process which would ultimately bring a change in your life.

Choose information that makes you think, which helps you become better in your work, which doesn’t conform with all your beliefs and instead challenges your thoughts, which gives you a new dimension to think, which brings you closer to who you are, which helps you think in the right direction, which assists you to build your thinking muscles, which makes you want to change yourself and not the world, which doesn’t just provide a quick-fix type solution but instead force you to think about the very foundation of the matter.


Now, having said all that, I don’t mean that you only have to watch the informational or the educational type content. Of course, that’s not plausible. It’s totally fine to consume entertaining content to rejuvenate yourself every once in a while. But make sure you keep a healthy balance, or things might fall apart pretty soon.

Heck, even I am a movie buff! 

entertainment is ok, things to do everything

3. Do Something Good 

I know it sounds pretty mundane and cliche but ask yourself how often do you do something good on a daily basis? And I mean something really good that you feel happy and fulfilled doing.

Because here’s the thing, you can devour every last self-help book, you can consume every single video that will teach you XYZ skill, you can read every single blog post of mine, but if you aren’t gonna apply any of it in your life, it’d all be for nothing.

You could be served with the foolproof map of the treasure of the century, but ultimately you have to move your ass, take a shovel, and start digging. 

Ok, but now, what really constitutes ‘doing good’? 


A) Helping others

When I say help others, I mean the kind of help where you don’t expect them to give you something back in return. Many people misconstrue help with quid pro quo, or a two-way transaction, or simply an “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” thingy.

You can help anyone. Maybe you found people who are financially handicapped, or maybe your high school friend who is going through an emotional turmoil, or maybe your colleague who is stuck in some office problem that requires some intellectual boost, or just anyone you think isn’t doing great and can take some help.

Help them in whatever way you can and don’t solicit anything in return, because that would take away the real beauty of the ‘good thing’. If they genuinely want to give something back, then accept it gracefully.

It doesn’t have to be huge acts of kindness, the small ones are more than enough. As small as holding the lift for someone, giving up your seat in a bus to someone who looks like they need it more than you, or sharing your food with homeless people and spending some time with them, passing a genuine compliment to your coworker, or simply giving a big genuine smile to a stranger or just one of the hundred and twelve other things. 

One little act of kindness a day might hardly take a few minutes to do, but you will remember the look on their faces for the rest of your life. You’d get more than what you gave, that’s the beauty of it. 


B) Help Yourself

Let’s say you didn’t find an opportunity to help someone or for whatever reasons you couldn’t or didn’t help someone, so the least you can do is to help yourself.

What kind of help?

The kind of help that makes you better in some or the other dimension. It can be anything.

BODY: going to the gym, exercising, playing a sport.

MIND: meditating, writing, reading, playing chess, introspecting.

EMOTIONS: spending time with your friends and family, practicing empathy, being compassionate.

SOUL: getting to know your true self, expressing yourself without any inhibitions, doing what you love

You get the idea, right?

But you know what the funny part is?

Even when you help others, you are actually helping yourself. Being selfless is the most selfish thing you can do. The world won’t come to a halt if you don’t help others. But if you do, it’d first make you happy and fulfilled and then the others.

When you make it a habit of helping others out of pure love and caring nature, your heart blossoms and starts to expand. Going a bit poetic, so bear with me. You keep at it for long enough, and slowly and steadily, your heart, which earlier was only fixated at “I, me, and myself” would start expanding its scope of horizons and would start thinking in terms of “We, us and our”.

It would begin with you, then your friends and family, then your relatives, then your work people, then society, then your country, then the world, and ultimately the whole universe would be encompassed in your heart.  

The more space you have in your heart for other people, the more loving and caring you’d actually be. And when you keep doing those little acts of kindness every day, your heart would expand more and more. And the more your heart expands, the more awesome and wholesome you feel.  

People connect with such people on a whole nother level, not just superficially but deeply. We all understand the value of money and name and fame, but we don’t understand the value of having a pure heart and the relationships that it foster. It’s invaluable, to say the least.

do good things every day

4. Relax Your Mind

Many people are of the opinion that having no thoughts would make their minds peaceful. Obviously, that’s a joke. As long as you’re not dead or sleeping, you are gonna have thoughts in your mind. 

Thoughts are nothing but what you keep saying in your mind all day long. Can you have any thoughts if you don’t speak in your mind? Go on, try it. 

The problem arises when we blabber all kinds of shit in our heads over and over again. Once you keep saying the same shit over and over again, it gets imprinted in your subconscious and it keeps running on autopilot and we might not even be aware of it. If you inject garbage into your head, don’t expect a pizza to pop out of your mind. 

We need to fix what we say to ourselves to keep our peace intact and live in harmony, or you know you can just keep living the way you have been.

One of the best things you can do every day to fix your inner monologue is: 5 min before you hit the hay and 5 min just after you wake up, say something good and positive and meaningful to yourself.

It can be anything. Try to keep it wholesome which covers every corner of your life. Don’t say something like, “Please make my boss more friendly” or “I hope my business takes off”. 

Say something like “I am strong enough to face every challenge that comes my way” or “All the universe’s power and intelligence lies inside me.” Get the idea? Something that isn’t just pointed towards one thing, but something that encompasses the very spirit of life needed to do something big in life.

When you say some positive shit like this, and when you actually mean it, you know when you are not saying it just because I said so or just for the sake of saying it, you’d see some instant changes in yourself.

Primarily, your body language will self rectify itself. If earlier you were being lazy and down, you’d instantly get up straight and would feel this bolt of energy passing through your body. And I am not even exaggerating.

If you don’t feel this change, you either didn’t do it right, or you were already charged up. Because it’s pretty simple. You won’t be able to meaningfully say anything good while lying on the bed feeling down and out. You’d have to straighten your back, pump up your chest, maybe shoot your fist up, or even pose as a Superman to feel the energy,

What you say will affect how you say it, and how you say it will in turn affect what you say. They are both interconnected.

The other thing repeatedly saying some positive things would do is that it would free you of all those heavy and tiring bundles of thought which were pushing you down and draining your energy. You’d feel mentally relaxed and would experience a sense of calm and peace.

But how does it benefit you?

Well, you need physical energy to do anything. If you are lethargic and don’t wanna move, you won’t do anything. But, hold on, physical energy is not all you need. You also need to direct that energy in the right direction to actually do something good, and that’s where the mental calm comes in. 

If you’re mentally restless but are physically active, you’d not only be a danger to yourself but to the whole society. And if you are mentally calm but physically inactive, then your peace is good for nothing.

Try it for as little as 5min a day, and see the magic. Self-talk can really work wonders.

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5. Read my blog

Seriously now. You’d regret later why you didn’t start earlier. I am just trying to save you from the guilt trip. 


Now, I know there are countless other things that you should be doing on a daily basis. And if I started listing all of those things one by one, then well, that’d be pretty stupid of me. So, I just gave you the top 5. Do these every day, and you’ll be fine. 


What is something you think everyone should be doing every day?


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