Does God Exist? The Truth is not What you Expected!


Let me warn you before you dive right into this article. It is not for everybody. It’s only for those who have the courage to challenge their own beliefs and want to know the actual truthSo, instead of straightaway firing the question, “Does God Exist?”, first take a deep breath.

I am assuming that you guys are able to hear the sound of silence clearly(if you have no clue as to what is this sound, I suggest you read this article first!).

Those who have heard this sound know that this is not an illusion or a belief or a figment of their imagination. It’s plain reality. We have to try to believe those things which we haven’t experienced yet or have no concrete proof about it. Do u have to believe that you are reading this blog? No! You know it because you are reading it.

see reality as it is to understand God

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It is Imperative we Draw a Line between Belief and Reality

We all have this belief right from our childhood that there are a number of Gods out there. There is a God for every religion.

Some religions in fact boast of more than one God. And people are confused within themselves regarding whether God even exists and if they do, then which God they should believe in. 

If you study any of the scriptures, then they all state that there is only one supreme reality. There can’t be more than one. It’s of paramount importance to comprehend the definition of God.

The Hindi word for God, ‘Bhagwan’, can be broken into “Bhag”, meaning wealth. Here, wealth doesn’t mean only money but the whole creation, and not just limited to our planet, but whatever is there in this whole universe.

Bhagwan itself is an acronym of the combination of the 5 elements of nature. Bha means ‘Bhoomi’ (Earth), Ga means ‘Gaggan’ (Space/Sky), Va means ‘Vayu’ (Air), A means ‘Agni’ (Fire) and finally, N means ‘Neer’ (Water).

Now, what did the people do? They created a concept out of this. An idea. That I can find God at so & so place, and he looks like blah & blah.

Ask yourself, will you find God in this world or somewhere else?

The Definition of God

Let me clear the definition of God by giving you an example.

Who is the God of all the waves and droplets of the world? WATER! The God of all the oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, glaciers? WATER! If you remove water from them? Will there be anything left?

From this, we can infer that God is something who’s the very raw material of every creation; who’s there in every object, from a tiny pin to a spaceship, and without God, nothing can exist.

This basically means that he’s not far from you. He’s in you. In fact, he’s YOU!

god is the raw material

People are living in this huge misconception that we have to find him in temples, churches, or mosques. They spend their whole life looking for him outside when he is actually inside them in the first place. 

How far is water from the wave? 1km? 1000km? 10000000km?

The WAVE is WATER only.

There is actually no wave, it’s only at the level of the mind and is just for a saying purpose. Whatever you say can be changed, but the real thing remains the same.

You can start calling the ‘wave’ as nave, mave, lave, it doesn’t matter. It will remain what it actually is, WATER. There is no place or form where God is not there. So, you can practically worship him anywhere.


Once you get this deeply, you will start understanding the fact that you are God only.

But don’t take this in an egoistic manner.

The better thing to say is that there is only God. Just like there is only water in the vast ocean. All the other things are just different names and forms of the infinite. Even science can’t deny this. Spirituality is Science!

Religion is all about belief. Spirituality is about questioning, religion is about answers. Spirituality is all about questioning reality, just like science is. One needs a scientific mind to understand the gravity of spirituality.

Then only you can truly understand the gospel truth of this universe and overcome the lie that you have been holding on to so dearly all your life.

There is proof for each and everything said in the scriptures. There is no “maybe”, “can be”, or “could be”, in spirituality and science. What’s there is there. Period. NO ifs or buts.

There are 3 laws that I will tell you, which if you understand completely then all your perceptions and believes will become clear. And once they do, your life will become simpler and happier.



 Wherever there is an EFFECT there has to, has to be a CAUSE. There cannot be an effect without the cause. If all this creation exists today, then there is a cause behind it as well. Nothing can come from nothing. It’s a scientific fact. If there is ice, then there will be water.

From here your spiritual inquiry begins.

There are two things, one is this world and your body; they both have a cause. Once your inquiry deepens it’s possible that you come to realize the fact that they both have the same cause

What you see, and the one who is seeing (or the seer); both have the same cause. Once you understand any of the scriptures you will realize that God is actually the heart of your heart. The center point of your creation. THE Source. Your Source. He is that close to you.

god is love

The moment you start seeing God as your source, you will experience a major transformation in your life. Now you can actually love GOD the right way. 

How can you truly love someone you haven’t seen or even heard? Well, can you? Can you marry someone you haven’t seen in your life? You love someone who’s in front of you. Someone who you can feel in your heart. Once you start accepting it and experiencing it (sound of silence), your life will take a u-turn. 


Law II

 The effect is nothing but the cause itself, appearing in a different form. It’s actually not different. Ice is water only but looks and feels different from water in shape, size, and other properties.

 All the perceptions of ice are different from water but at the end of the day, ice is water only. All that you see around yourself is God himself, just appearing in different shapes and forms.

The sound of silence is present in every creature on this planet. You can hear this sound in every corner of the world because this sound is inside you. So wherever you go, this sound will always be with you. This is the only link that is connecting everyone in this Universe.



If you take the cause out of the effect, then nothing remains. Only the cause remains. If you take out water from the ice then where is the ice?


If you take out God from the humans, then what will be left? That’s right, nothing. Once you get to the bottom of the creation of yourself, or the creation of the world, or even the creation of God, you will always find the same answer.

If someone wants to know the truth of the ocean, he will find water; if he wants to know the truth about the waves, he will again find water; and if he wants to know the truth about the droplets, he will, you guessed it, again find water only.

Knowing the truth makes us calm and composed. Stress goes out of the window. Doubts get minimalized. And people get stabilized. Suffering ceases to exist. Now, this is not a work of a day or two. It’s a lifelong process. I am the student of the truth; and so should you.

If you ask me for how long should one study this subject of “TRUTH”? I will say, FOREVER! This is not your regular college course, where you get a degree after 4 years. The reward for studying this subject is immeasurable, so why not give it your best shot?

Besides, there’s nothing wrong with knowing the source of all the creation, right?


Knowledge And Understanding

So sometimes people have questioned me why I keep saying that you are the sound of silence. Even though they have experienced it, they are not able to digest this reality.

Ok so why are they unable to accept it? Because they have held onto some beliefs which were spoon-fed to them right from their childhood.

Nobody is talking about it. Hence, it’s quite natural to feel what I am saying is insane. But it’s not. Therefore, how does one let go of the hardcore beliefs they have?

Knowledge and Understanding are the answer.

We don’t understand who we really are. Why? Because we never enquire who we are with a peaceful and relaxed mind due to which we have accepted something we are not.

Once the right kind of knowledge finds its place in your mind, the idea that you are a mere wave in this infinite ocean will loosen its grip and you will accept the reality with open arms.

take the right knowledge to see God

Now it totally depends on you that how much knowledge you intake, and with what intensity you grab this perception.

It will take time as all good things do but it will surely be worth the wait. All the problems are at the level of thoughts, which will be rectified only through knowledge and understanding. This whole process involves two steps.

One is the realization of who you are. The other is the knowledge of what you are.

I can help you with providing the knowledge part; the realization part depends totally on you. I can show you the path; to walk on it or not depends on you. Nobody can make you feel who you are but you yourself.

Some people experience it really quickly while some take time. Some of us, even after experiencing the sound of silence, will go like, “No way, it can’t be that easy.” BUT it actually is that easy.


Knowledge will make the Experience Whole

Earlier people use to take the knowledge first to experience this, I, on the other hand basically provided you with the experience of it and now you just need the apt knowledge to comprehend it completely.

I have already given you the throne to sit on, so no need to play any more games. The treasure people have been looking for all their lives is inside them. This is why it seems so far from them because they are looking at the wrong place.

Once they look inside them patiently, they will realize that it’s actually the closest thing to them, even closer than they are to themselves. If it was inside Buddha, then why can’t it be inside you as well?

knowledge brings you closer to God

There is a whole education to understand all this, which is called Vedanta, the most ancient scriptures known to mankind. All the questions one can think of regarding this is answered there.

Now what people generally do, they read these scriptures first, and then only a meager 1% of them actually realize what’s going on.

But since you guys have already experienced it(the sound), you can understand it wholeheartedly. These Vedantic people were really one of a kind, they weren’t mechanical like most of us. They devoted their whole life to know this truth and shared it with the world.

The question you must ask now is that, what is the proof that Vedantas is the truth?

The proof is whatever science is saying today, a majority of it is already mentioned in the Vedantas. In fact, so many scientists are continuously studying these Vedas for their further research. The Vedas already mentioned that the Earth was spherical long before the scientists came to this realization.

So, you can’t really question their wisdom.

Most religions today are based on beliefs which is why they sometimes clash. The difference between them and these Vedas is that they haven’t named anybody. No RAM, RAHIM, or JESUS. Just pure discoveries people did and verified again and again.

Once you understand and verify all the claims in Vedas with the sound of silence you experienced, it will all become white and black for you. You will understand the importance of the path I am talking about. That will be the real liberation. The real freedom




“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”



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